Developing SBUS and PPM single pin solution for OcPoC-Zynq

Hi all,
I’m trying to develop a single pin RCInput for SBUS/PPM on the OcPoC-Zynq. For the uninitiated, the OcPoC uses two drivers which switch at Compile-time, for either SBUS or PPM, on separate pins. From a hardware perspective, I don’t see an issue with routing an input from the SBUS pin to the PPM IP, and from Linux’s perspective, nothing changes.

That brings me to switching between the two from with-in Ardupilot. I saw that the Disco uses a RCInput_Multi to tie together multiple inputs, and was wondering what kind of limitations that has, since it would be convenient to have that available.

Now, I have built with the RCInput_Multi class, and the results were not great - both SBUS and PPM controllers fail to communicate with the ground station for calibration, and I’m struggling to understand how Ardupilot switches between inputs for the Disco. Does anyone have experience with using RCInput_Multi on the Disco? Am I missing something in how Ardupilot handles multiple RC Input?


We eventually figure out the issue why PPM was working but SBUS wouldn’t work through the same port.