Developing custom Serial protocol for Pixhawk

Hello everyone,

Since I cannot create new topic in Dev Team category, I have no idea where else to write this.

I am developing custom serial protocol to communicate with device via serial port (the device is currently in development as well). I noticed one thing, when I am building whole project (make px4-v2). When I change something in any library (I am working on library lets say, similar to AP_Frsky_Telem), “make” is building every file in every library in ardupilot directory. So the issue now is - I am writing piece of code for my library, the try to build it, and it takes build process one or two minutes to get to my library and then it fails (which is ok) and shows me I have for example comma missing… So it is pretty time consuming ae
if ((ADB_Port = nd impractical.

Is there any developer, who was involved somehow in developing of the frsky telemetry library or anything similar to it, or who has at least deep knowledge in this area. I need advice how to make the developing effective, because the way how it goes now, it would take too much time - of non effective time, because I am just sitting in front of PC and waiting for the errors…

Thank you all for responses in advance,