Developer UnConference Feb 2017 - Andrew Tridgell

These are the first two videos from the recent ArduPilot 2017 Developer “Un-conference” held in Canberra Australia in February.

The first video is just a short welcome and the second is Tridge’s update on ArduPilot’s ongoing improvements to support VTOLs.

Here is an actual flight video (slightly rough filming) from the un-conference of the PA AddictionX acrobatic plane which is one of the same vehicles that appears in Tridge’s talk.

More Un-Conference videos coming later this week!


in another first, this was the first video I’ve seen where I realised just how bald on top I’m getting :slight_smile:

welcome to the club Tridge :slight_smile:

It is an evolution kit for better brain cooling !

Grass doesn’t grow on busy pathways…

great talk! I enjoy to see fresh vehicle types / frames with ardupilot.

I think the APM slogan should be a variation of what Tridge said: “Make everything fly!”

In particular I’d like to see a single flight control method for every flying thing. But I suppose that is something that’s been discussed and on the cards for a while… :slight_smile:

When and Where is the next UnConference happening? I was wondering if I can register for a notification.

Thanks James. I am planning to attend the meetup. Are you attending?