Dev Call Sept 13, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests




Attendee count (max): 22

UTC2302 -

  • Quadplane enable define
  • Tridge is happy with the changes
  • Conflicting with a recent merge to master
    • Needs a rebase then can be merged

UTC2306 -

  • Rpm warning message when over redline
  • Governor also limits throttle
  • Filtering issues
    • Data being fed in
    • Timing issues
    • Too fast?
  • Being crank shafts, overheating, ….
    • Just diving can unload the prop enough to cause redline issues
      • Even for a prop which is ideal for straight-and-normal flight
  • Should try not to send text when not necessary
    • Statustext fatigue

UTC2319 -

  • Battmonitor with current offset
  • Infdef for the amp offset seems to be OK
    • Might need it on other boards

UTC2321 -

  • arm/disarm on switch
  • Still in progress

UTC2322 -

  • Remove safe pwm
  • Passthrough tested and working

UTC2323 -

  • Only continue after land if next waypoint is a takeoff
  • Now only affects Copter
  • Randy will merge when happy

UTC2324 -

  • Always use pwm min/max don’t take from throttle
  • Fixes a problem in sub
  • Changes default pwm ranges?
  • 1000-2000 is a good change
    • Need to look at the conversion code for Copter on this
    • Can’t just change the range which people are using
    • Need to deal with people who’ve never set the parameters
    • Motors stopping in flight would be bad
    • Randy suggests the defaults be set if not
      • Check configured_in_storage?
    • Add a pre-arm check to ensure they are set on Copter
      • Unless you’re using digital outputs
  • Why does the parameter conversion work? It shouldn’t
  • This removes a big wart
  • Need to test the 1000-2000 auto-setting on fresh build if no calibration done

UTC2338 -

  • Move tiltrotor functionality to own class
  • Parameter hidden flag is coming
    • Leave parameter in table for conversion purposes?
  • Might allow for tilt-wings in a better manner in the future
  • Wiki will need to change
  • Tiltrotor with a zero tilt mask?
  • tilt-left/tilt-right/throttle-left/throttle-right with zero tilt mask because it uses them all the time
  • Needs to be rebased on top of the HAL_QUADPLANE_ENABLED
  • SLT quadplanes were easy
    • All of these complicated things mean structural changes are good
    • stoprotor…

UTC2350 -

  • Update simplerover c++ interface
  • Waf vs cmake?
    • Doesn’t really matter
    • Doesn’t get built in CI like this ‘though

UTC2354 -

  • Tuning error message spam fix
  • Drive-by fix on control monitor logging
  • Assigned to Randy for his merge as he’s not pingable on the call

UTC2358 -

  • Allow setting of user-zero-offset in a parameter
  • Change this to accept zero calibration when skip-cal is set
  • Probably want a proper parameter subclass to fix arspd parameter issues
    • Magic per-backend-type parameters is a little nasty in some places

UTC0007 -

  • Implement force safety-on/safetyoff for PCA9685
  • SIGTERM means pca continues sending pwm out ATM
  • This fixes that
    • Need to use a blocking semaphore
    • But not on this PR
    • want ordered queue for semaphore getters
      • Avoid starvation/beat frequencies

UTC0009 -

  • Parameter Defaults file vs hwdef?
    • Can’t inherit the defaults file
      • Could potentially support an include syntax
  • merged

UTC0014 -

  • Min temperature for heaters
  • Where does the parameter go?
  • INS? BRD? ARM?
  • Tridge wants boards to come pre-calibrated for temperature
  • Probably want to move these out of BRD and into INS
  • Do we really want a margin?
  • How about if it is too hot?
  • Probably just margin-below-target-temperature
    • Assuming we move into INS
  • Ask EKF what gyo bias it has learnt
  • Copy across biases from EKF

UTC0034 -

  • Maybe defer to devcalleu
  • CAN option to allow purging hardware database
    • End up with arming failure all the time
    • Node conflict
    • Need to change format version to zero to fix the problem

UTC0039 -

  • Save a bunch of space by using length rather than norm()
  • Generally should be using square of number rather than sqrt
    • efficiency

UTC0043 -

UTC0048 -

  • Same issue with RTS CTS
  • Stable release coming soon

UTC0050 - Trad Heli Update

  • Introduction to Robert Moore from Mission Go

  • Adding backup comms to the autopilot

UTC0100 - Wiki updates

UTC0103 -Close