Dev Call Oct 7, 2019 2300 UTC

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Canberra Developer Conference

  • 3 conference days, 27th to 29th March
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Attendee count (max): 15

UTC1102 -

  • Parameter conversion now working
  • Randy planning on reviewing it in the near future
  • Runs through CI just fine, and any time Matt runs it locally
  • Aligning all the vehicles with the same failsafe stuff
  • MdB wants richer failsafe options
  • GCS failsafe in Copter is problematic
  • Different masks for different flight modes?
  • GCS failsafe can work in any mode
  • Bit for continue in auto mission
  • Some options have changed to be bitmask options

UTC1104 -

  • Copter and Rover updates….
  • Copter 3.6.11 - upgrade to it now!
    • I2c storm fixes
  • Hold-up on 4.0 is the vibration failsafe
    • Need Paul to sort out the function call in EKF3 which is not implemented
      • Have it for EKF3
    • Randy will put out feelers to see if someone else can do the function for EKF3 which Paul can then check
      • Assuming the implementation is much the same as EKF2
  • vibration failsafe oscillates when in vibration failsafe
    • Doesn’t get worse
      • But takes a long time to settle down
    • Landing detector also broken
      • Climb rate from EKF function is very noisy
        • Maybe just filter this in the landing detector?
  • Various people want to get stuff into 4.0
    • System identification-mode from Leonard
      • Inject frequencies and see how the vehicle responds
    • Standby mode?
    • Harmonic notch filter from AP
    • Anything in master will go out in 4.0
    • Issues to solve before Rover 4.0 release
    • Bendy ruler
      • Indecisiveness!
    • Wheel encoder support
      • Ebin currently looking at
  • Taking 3.5 off the devcall list

UTC1119 - Japan drone challenge

  • 2km away, 1kmx1km area
  • Find a dummy
  • Search area was closer previously
  • DJI real-time video may not reach that far
    • May change competition a lot
    • Far fewer teams
    • Only 7 this time
      • Probably because it’s harder with the longer range
  • New telemetry system
    • Relaying via a second drone
    • 20mW transmission limit
  • Randy is gone until Saturday

UTC1123 -

  • Automatic translation tools on Wiki
    • In parameter descriptions we mash things together
      • E.g. LandAndDisarm
      • Spaces in parameter description would make this easier
      • Muramura can feel free to add spaces to make the translation easier

UTC1126 -

  • AP_Arming - remove the log bitmask
  • Merged!

UTC1131 -

  • Copter reject reboot request from autopilot if in esc cal
  • Copter armed and hit ceiling indoors running through all possible calibrations
    • Mission planner esc calibration value of 3
    • Then Accelcal magcal
    • Then mavlink reboot
    • ESC cal 3 says esc calibration on reboot
      • Full throttle on reboot puts escs into calibration
    • But a soft reboot doesn’t do things correctly on reboot as the escs don’t see
  • Default ESC calibration parameter setting is on on Copter
    • So throttle-above-half and reboot twice you may flip over or do something else dangerous
  • Add something so that if you detect motion during ESC calibration you cancel the calibration
    • [10:40 AM] (Channel) Peter_Hall: or current
    • Boat-mode?
  • CAN needs a similar safety check for rebooting

UTC1141 -

  • Separate values are better
  • Let’s fix the XML

UTC1147 -

  • [10:48 AM] (Channel) Michael_duBreuil: just do the IMU temps as part of the update
  • [10:48 AM] (Channel) Michael_duBreuil: Because that was the whole reason we added it
  • Tridge: that’s what I’m doing
  • Other bits can come in later

UTC1148 -

  • Just remove unused parameter
  • Merged!

UTC1150 - back to CAN

  • Randy: This PR does close some loopholes
    • Merge as-is and do more later
    • Needs fix for 4.0
  • Default for ESC calibration to disable
  • Randy will change the ESC calibration
  • Checking gyros on a boat would be a problem
    • Use INS_GYRO_CAL?
  • buzz_mobile: why not require vehicle to be armed to do motor cal?

UTC1157 -

  • Calculate update rate?
  • Delayed data issue
  • Uniform 10Hz on each output is bad
  • [11:02 AM] (Channel) rmackay9: I vote for Peter’s change going in if it’s an improvement…
  • [11:02 AM] (Channel) buzz: I’d accept pb’s code, other things are future enhancements
  • Asprintf involves running the printf twice
  • Snprintf uses sizeof which could be a problem
    • [11:05 AM] (Channel) rmackay9: raise an issue and assign to him…
  • Maybe put aside memory for printing
  • Feature itself is great for interfacing with external system
  • Merged the PR

UTC0008 -

  • Tridge commented

UTC0020 - Plane update

  • Close to 4.0 release!
  • Some CAN fixes into latest beta
  • Hover-throttle learning by default on QuadPlane
    • [11:20 AM] (Channel) MdB: and fixes bugs with it :smiley:

UTC0020 - Canberra conference

  • March 2020 27th-29th
  • Have a venue
  • Vote open to approve funding
    • Vote early!
    • Please vote if you are on the devteam
  • Looking forward to seeing people in March!
  • Moat around the building is nice
  • Randy will be there a couple of days early
  • Probably MdB as well

UTC0022 - AP_Vehicle

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