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UTC1102 - Welcome Yaapu and and Kishor!

UTC1103 - Ensure consistent ordering of multiple CAN GPSes by bugobliterator · Pull Request #12656 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Two issues involved; one for GPS, one for compass
  • Ensuring consistent ordering of GPSs
  • Need Michael and Sid
  • Solving pain points with uavcan
  • This is a radical change in the compass library
    • Maintain calibration in face of changing IDs
  • Position information for the GPS matter on larger vehicles
  • Moving baseline also matters
  • Related to supporting RTK GPSs
    • Including moving baseline rtk yaw
  • Also
    • Compass Ordering Improvement by bugobliterator · Pull Request #12629 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub
    • Allows for possibility for gaps
      • Reports zero id to GCS
    • Need to understand failure cases
      • Do we arm if we don’t see a compass we’ve previously seen?
        • Recalibration is a pain
        • New mavlink message “accept current compass setup”?
        • Do we compact when recalibrating?
        • [10:17 AM] (Channel) buzz_mobile: I tend to go into MP compass screen and untick the compass that’s not active, ie disable it.
      • Currently we don’t require a third compass to be present to arm even if it is configured
        • Which is a bit inconsistent
  • Need to discuss all of this with Sid and MdB
  • Move instance number into backend
    • Or move to state structures
  • [10:20 AM] (Channel) buzz_mobile: I also find it really hard to know which compass hardware is assigned to which spot… it would be nice if there was a way to ‘wiggle’ a compass and have the GCS say which one/s moved
    • Mobile phone or keys work well for this

UTC1107 - Change "AHRS unhealthy" message to "no EKFn cores" if no cores exist by kd0aij · Pull Request #12651 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Changing an EKF error message to be clearer
  • Can go in once the commit messages are fixed
  • A sweep for unclear messages would be a good idea

UTC1121 - Support RTCM injection to UAVCAN GPS by tridge · Pull Request #12612 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • More GPS stuff
    • Hard without MdB
  • RTK on CAN

UTC1124 - AP_Frsky_Telem: replaced the passthrough scheduler with a WFQ one with rate limiting by yaapu · Pull Request #12532 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Triggered by an issue to do with ICE
  • 3 or 4 sensors the current library can’t send GPS data

    • So new scheduler
  • Fixed problem for user
  • Merged!
  • Will be backported to Plane stable
    • And other backports

UTC1127 - AP_Frsky_Telem: added VSpd to telemetry protocol 4 by yaapu · Pull Request #12352 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Adding vspeed to telem protocol 4
  • Simple to add based on OSD
  • If this is merged then sensors will need to be rediscovered
  • Flight deck doesn’t use this protocol, so that’s OK
  • Tridge added a review for points to be addressed
  • Could possibly have an option bit for backwards compatibility
  • Any chance of an error message?
  • Needs a rebase

UTC1134 - ardupilot/Tools/AP_Periph/ at master · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Announcement that we’ve got release of the ap_periph uavcan firmware
  • Now automatically built
  • MP should be handling uploads
  • Prime-time for AP_Periph
  • More manufacturers are getting on board with creation of AP_Periph-based peripherals
  • This was a big year for uavcan dev
    • Hopefully next year is a big year for uavcan users!
  • Tridge will create a blog post soon
  • Only AP_Periph users can buy ATM is MRo’s universal device
  • Integrated sensor ones coming soon
    • E.g. rangefinders / GPS / airspeed sensors
  • [10:37 AM] (Channel) RandyMackay: maybe henri can link it from here?
  • Tridge is working on dsdl upgrade protocol
    • E.g. rangefinders will include orientation
      • We already get range
        • But not orientation
        • Do get attitude as roll/pitch/yaw
          • Just configured as parameters….
    • E.g. GPS to convey GPS information
      • E.g. F9
  • Would be nice to use ucenter against a CAN GPS
  • [10:41 AM] (Channel) HWurzburg: post a wiki issue with info you want added…no problem
  • Using MissionPlanner for UAVCAN with a STM32F7 Based ArduPilot Board - Google Docs
    • Rough document and aging rapidly
    • Probably the basis of a Wiki page
      • “$5 from each board sale will be donated to”
      • [10:53 AM] (Channel) PK: Peter - That is the least we can do. The effort Tridge and Ardupilot has invested in software support is immense, greatly simplifing these products. I hope it catches on with other mfgs.

UTC1143 - Plane 4.0 release - #71 by tridge

  • Plane stable released!
  • 4.0.1 will probably be along soonish
  • Thanks to Henry for working so hard on the documentation!
  • Dlvr is a nice, but would be nice to get a uavcan integrated version!

UTC1147 - Randy and Copter update

  • Copter: 4.0 issues list · Issue #12547 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub
  • Beta is out!
  • Many enthusiastic testers
  • Copter: 3.6.0 issues list · Issue #9498 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub
  • Large number of issues have come in
    • No crash-o-matic bugs
    • Small issues
    • Bendy-ruler isn’t working well in Copter
      • OA
        • The way we report the radius makes it unclear to the user the size of the objects
        • high/low priority and position can affect things
        • Need to look at it again
      • Indecision leads to starting new waypoints
        • And that’s not good flight dynamics
        • Integrator could be updated?
        • Target drift with aircraft
        • Maybe check previous position was fine - if so, keep old one
          • IOW add a memory
    • Loss of yaw control
      • Leonard is working on it
    • D-shot issues
    • Missing param conversion for at-hold controller
    • Motor failure detection code issue
    • Needs a new protection against people tuning in alt-hold if their vehicle goes unstable
    • ESC sync issues?
      • Not new in 4.0
      • High-current-consumption moving from 3.6.9 to 3.6.10?
      • S.bus input issue?
        • parity
        • JP has been talking with the manufacturer
          • They know the parity is wrong
            • And knowingly
          • They have a new firmware with correct parity
        • Will encourage people to upgrade their firmware
  • Request for more information about standby and system id
    • Leonard will supply
  • Althold variation
    • Deviation in velocity and altitude estimates
    • Drop in alt when we’re climbing
      • Results in aircraft popping down
      • May just be users being more vigilant

UTC0004 - Rover: 4.0 issues list · Issue #12509 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • A few issues
    • Blank pre-arm issue
      • Should be fixed
    • The BendyRuler issue to do with the OA DB radii
    • Release could be along soon
      • Another two week?
      • Another beta betweek now and then

UTC0005 - youtube playlists

  • ArduPilot at work
  • ArduPilot simulation
  • Really ought to highlight ArduPilot at work
  • For videos made by other people
    • If you spot a great example of ArduPilot being used in the real world, add it to the playlist
      • Vaccine delivery in Vanuatu
      • Hundreds of examples but we don’t scribble them down!
      • Boats!
    • Just link, don’t copy
      • Links will die, then we prune
  • Sometimes it is not clear it is ArduPilot
    • But if we know it is then we link it
    • Need help getting videos of the diverse frame types we support
  • Why no ADSB enable rc option for Plane?
    • Henry will fix
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