Dev Call Oct 22, 2018 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests




Attendee count (max): 13

UTC2300 - Light on the crowd

  • Can make entire call about Solo – Matt
  • No Tom, Michael or tridge; not much Plane

UTC2302 - Conference roundup

  • Well attended
  • Presentations will received
  • Hex was a gracious host
  • Toured around a bit
  • Productive conference
  • Lots of people talking to Craig about AP
    • Rovers and Sub and…
  • Busy place
  • Randy picked up several contacts
    • Some sort of drone development centre
  • EKF development is stalled?
    • Randy was asked specifically about this
    • Paul’s around but we’re not funding EKF as much as we should
    • Need to find more EKF developers!
      • There are some around
        • e.g . EAMS labs, Robsense
      • Knowledge-sharing?
  • Videos going up on AP youtube channel
    • Courtesy Ali from Hex

UTC2308 - mavlink stuff

  • Update pymavlink and mavlink
  • Tridge is thinking of verting the xsd enforcement of description and adding a warning in
  • Can’t enforce description because pymavlink has to be able to work with older xml
  • The PRs from Amilcar look OK to Peter, but tridge handles the updates to these submodules typically

UTC2313 -

  • Works
  • Hard to tune
  • Leonard is going to change to add slew rate after linearisation rather than before
  • Needs a comment as to what’s going on on the PR
  • Needs more review

UTC2315 -

  • Waiting for reviews
  • Tabled for now

UTC2317 -

  • Support for new compass
  • Reviewed by both tridge and Francisco
  • Should stick with them for the time being
  • Need to sort the licensing out
    • V2 code being used
      • It is v2-or-later, apparently
    • Looks like they did come to an agreement, can probably be merged when tridge is back

UTC2318 -

  • Insufficient Plane people on call for this

UTC2320 -

  • Insufficient Plane people on call for this

UTC2321 -

  • Refactoring parameter management
  • Tridge needs to look at it
  • Or someone else could test it in SITL
    • Tom?

UTC2323 - Vesca protocol

UTC2326 -

  • Quadplane pitch trim
  • Needs some help to move along, by the looks of it

UTC2328 -

  • Checks have passed
  • Github’s been having issues!
  • Randy will look at after the call

UTC2330 -

  • More quadplane
  • Tridge!

UTC2331 - Randy and Copter

  • Caught up on Copter 3.6 release threads
    • Still trying to separate out ode issues from setup issues
  • Several new issues have come up
  • Can’t descend in flowhold mode
  • Pre-existing issue about compass not starting when S.BU is plugged in
  • Streamrates for mavlink messages aren’t going high enough
    • They went higher in previous editions?
    • SmartRTL chewing too much CPU?
  • Thanks to David Atkin for doing lots of support!
  • No soft-release so far
    • Soft-release by Friday with any luck!

UTC2336 - Randy and Rover

  • Want to get tacking support in before release
  • Lots of testing is going well
    • Functionality is good!
  • Sailboat Support
  • Much improved
    • Not done on same day, ‘though
  • Waypoint issue
    • Have to go on one side or the other for racing
    • There’s some code out there ATM for it?
    • Make an exclusion zone on inside of buoy?
  • Navigation issue evident in bottom image
  • Nongps navigation is coming along

UTC2345 - Close
UTC2346 - Addendum

  • Olivier will announce winner/s for contribution of the month