Dev Call Oct 16, 2017 2300 UTC

Update on Japan Innovation Challenge

Sonix Release


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10:02am - Japan Innovation Challenge update from tridge
Randy is out with team right now
Using CUAV imaging software
Didn’t find it yesterday
Camera issues
No team found dummy yesterday

Find the dummy!

Realistically Human observers wouldn’t be able to spot that from an aircraft in a large area
Today they’ll be getting images with Bayer data
Michael_duBreuil: hadn’t grabbed the raw photo before, lens/camera needs some help not terribly crisp

10:06am - Sonix firmware has been released for SkyRocket SkyViper
Grab it and play!
Very compact system with wifi, video and companion computer
James found some small fixes to be made in parameter descriptions

10:08am - several problems in Plane with tridge

High priority
Flip on takeoff

Another high priority one
Please bring any high priority issues to tridge’s attention
MdB: Short failsafe fix!
New airspeed sensor support coming in soon
New one from Drotek
Pressure sensor 33
Kevin from DroTek has offered to write the driver for us
PR is in place
Tom’s done a first-pass review
Couple of new baro drivers
Important since the ms5611 is becoming rare

10:13am - Issues

do -land-start
Mission-based configuration parameters for landing items
Between do-land-start and a landing waypoint
Stay out of arcs
Approach vectors
Many do-land-config messages with enums?
Or many messages setting different things?
Will the mission editor be able to intuit the correct thing
First item specifies meaning of subsequent fields
Which isn’t something that currently gets done much if at all
MdB expects these to be abstracted in the interface
“Complex mission items”
AP_Mission can’t store a 7-field command
MdB has taken that into account

This is like what mav-cmd does
15 bytes per

Tridge doesn’t like too much state
A reset would be a possibility
Landing configuration should stay ‘til overwritten
Need a way to undo each thing
Mdb thinks do-land-start should reset everything
pymavlink will need some funky changes to support
We can handle 16-bit mav-cmds….
Need to check 253 isn’t used in PX4 mavlink repo
The 16-bit thing is very messy, so investigation will be required
Tridge would like multiple entries at a high index number
Linkage is missing from XML so gcs will need to be modified too much
List of mission will be more readable
Do-land-start resetting stuff?
Add a boolean to do-land-start?
Have an entry for do_land_config_reset?
MdB thinks config should just be between do-land-start and landing point

10:38am -
Very long one could be explained with LOG_FILE_DSRMROT
Should do all file operations in IO thread
Maybe commonise code from Terrain?
Could pre-open the file
15ms is bad, 100ms is very bad
Check standard deviation
Long loops detune Copter
PM message within 10s of arming is not representative
Matt’s 10m log shows significant issues
Definitely worth looking into further
Need to replicate on master
Suggestion to set INS_FAST_SAMPLE=0 and see if it helps

11:10am - Jaime and GSoC
320+ mentors and org admins from all over the world
Open-source licensing compliance issues as usual…
Jaime’s written a blog post (link in agenda)
Jaime sees more communication would be good with students
More of a discussion on selection
Minutes are linked to from blog post
We were a very successful example of GSoC
Jaime think’s we’re doing something right!
Tridge: Partner’s program seems to be working very well!

11:12am -
Failure to transition
Tridge just needs time to investigate
Significant issues
Several hours to investigate
Great work from Nick @ Carbonix to collate these issues
They’re now partners and will be added to the page shortly!

11:17am -
James: standardise the way we’re approaching “advertising” throughout the Wiki
Need to treat partners the same in the wiki
Ruffling feathers, sorry for that
E.g. pages that have a perceived bias towards a particular vendor while also perceived as pretending to be a “generic” page
Page in question should get more detail for other products rather than less for C&T!
Perhaps each store could have an up-to 60 or 70-character description
Maybe have an expanding thingy so you click a + and have it expand
JP: yup - longer term that page will actually disappear.
Marketing committee has been working towards getting together a good resource to replace it
Many stores have better parts for Solo than 3DR…
Shouldn’t link directly
Harder than it looks
Continue to link 3DR store
A lot of partners are service providers so we need a restructure to separate them out and make it easy to find a partner to help with problems
MdB: Promote partners first is fair I think, but stirpping others out seems wrong
Our partners are awesome….

11:33am - reminder of unconference in just over a week
Any program? Timetable?
Discuss chat?
Might not be public yet
There’s a link in the agenda
22nd and 23rd are when things are really happening
One time zone for China
Same as Perth

11:35am - Rob and 3.5.3 bug
Paul confirms bug
Altitude blending into EKF origin
Copter can descend into terrain
Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
There’s a PR for it which has been merged
Should be linked here:
Should also go into plane 3.8
Not a trivial one to cherry-pick in
Quite a bit of work to bring in
Loss Of Altitude in Auto with Copter 3.5

11:44am - James
JP: On another note, I merged Chris Olsen’s tradheli tuning guide. There are some links that are missing, but it is MUCH better than what we had, and is written around current firmware/params

11:46am - contribution of the month
Tridge would like to nominate Chris Olson for all the wonderful support work he’s been doing

11:48am - Maverick
Several people looking at helping out with Maverick
Need an online log analysis tool to put into the cloud
Take some parts from Maverick and delivery as cloud service?
Collecting logs is handy
Amilcar’s still working with his legal department
Tridge wants to do stuff in the SkyViper web interface (in web browser)
JP: they’ve had a tool for a long time, i think it only recently moved from the uaventure longmucher to a px4 tool
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