Dev Call May 20 2019 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests






Attendee count (max): 17

UTC2301 -

  • Force-arming Rover doesn’t work in MissionPlanner
  • Should we have an item in the GCS if it doesn’t work?
  • Why is forced arming important?
    • Means users can arm without disabling all their arming checks
    • Reduce number of people flying with arming checks disabled
    • Has made a difference to tridge
      • All his vehicles have arming check 1
    • MAVProxy gives audible warning if any checks are disabled
  • Peter has a PR which adds it to Rover
  • Should be able to arm Copter in auto mode from a GCS
    • Plane allows arming in auto mode
      • So why not Plane from sticks
      • Randy is worried about vehicle taking off by itself
      • Randy is OK with arming from GCS in auto mode
  • Rover needs GPS to arm
    • Should have a test to ensure it doesn’t happen again

UTC2318 -

  • Collect crc functions into same file
  • merged!

UTC2319 -

  • Add simulated RGBLed
  • Maybe Stephen could be convinced to port for Windows?

UTC2322 - battery from mAh to percentage

  • No movement since last week
  • Fair bit to read on this issue
  • [9:24 AM] (Channel) MdB: I don’t think it fixes anything, won’t be chasing it personally
  • MdB: Still has the fundamental setup problem he already had

UTC2324 -

  • One big long file is no worse than two (Randy)
  • LogFile was logging individual messages
  • New messages would go where messages were logged
  • Maybe Messages.cpp might be better than merging the two
  • Kill this PR, clean it up putting messages in Messages.cpp (and nothing else)

UTC2332 -

  • Pete said we shouldn’t cover this this week

UTC2333 -

  • Copter stable IOMCU
  • Going into Plane release as well
  • Gives DSM bind
  • Well-tested in master

UTC2336 -

  • Simple patch
  • Commit message isn’t quite right
  • Define for number of i2c buses?
    • Master has a macro which loops through the buses
    • For_all_i2c

UTC2339 -

  • Code was changed to address issues from last time we looked at this
  • Merged!
  • Very expensive cameras need this sort of log

UTC2340 -

  • MdB thinks there’s a problem with one particular check

UTC2340 -

  • Rotor speed heli patches
  • Review was done

UTC2346 - GSoC

  • Meetings required!
  • Having docs on how to run new features is a good idea
    • Not necessarily as a Wiki page
    • Just in the PR description would be fine
  • Some progress on the MAVProxy stuff
  • Things moving along with Patrick’s student
  • Funding committee have been moving fast on approvals which is good

UTC2357 - Plane update

  • New beta soon with spektrum update to switch to ChibiOS parsers
  • No work on larger update based on master
    • Probably a few weeks off on this

UTC2358 -

  • Randy and Copter
  • Copter 3.6.9 later today
  • Rover 3.5.1 went out
    • No plans to do more in the immediate future here

UTC2359 - object avoidance

  • Randy is actively working on this
  • Real vehicle has issues
    • Outdoors in middle of day is useless
    • False obstacles
    • Sf40c should do better
  • Randomly rolling around isn’t great
    • Wanders its way around
    • Control error?
    • Indecision?
  • Randy is considering changing the algorithm to project from a different point
    • Direction from a projected point rather than the vehicle itself
    • Create intermediate origin
  • Add hysteresis into decision making
  • Remember last decision for a while
    • Only update if better than some margin
  • Destination moves around no matter what
    • Moves based on vehicle’s current position
  • Currently moves @10Hz
  • Morse is great to have for this
  • Bit difficult to know what’s going on
  • Don’t know what the proximity sensor is seeing
  • LIDaR is useful
  • Having real scene data would be awesome

UTC0008 -

  • More dots!

UTC0017 - unexpected emergency stops

  • No RC glitch in logs
    • Oscillating RC input is theory
  • Debouncing present in one of the firmwares
  • We will improve logging on RC in both stable and master
  • Both users had custom code
  • IO firmware parsing SBUS
  • Two in one week makes us suspicious