Dev Call March 22, 2021

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Attendee count (max): 17

UTC2300 -

  • Fix for covariance matrix stability issues
  • CI failures unrelated
  • Merged
  • Replay worked for us!
  • There’s some refactoring which could be done in here

UTC2307 -

  • Not ready for merge yet

UTC2309 -

  • Is galileo even testable in Australia?
  • There are messages we could enable to know which satellites are being used
  • Bit confusing on the F9 exclusion stuff
    • What about M7 and M6?
  • Should only break things if you’ve changes the parameter
  • Need MdB to look at this

UTC2320 -

  • cell voltage and resting voltage id in OSD
  • Would be nice to have a reliable cell count for failsafe purposes, but guessing isn’t great

UTC2327 -

  • Retry SP06 detection
  • This is fine once reworked

UTC2328 -

  • Control pitch up in VTOL transition with user targets
  • Linear curve for pitch like forward transition
  • Current pitches up at your max forward pitch rate
  • Don’t return AP_Int
  • Overshoot issues?
  • PH will test
  • Need to get that nose up while you have airspeed, does this still allow it?
  • Sideways back-transition using differential thrust is a thing…
    • Dual-motor tailsitters which have lots of power

UTC2346 -

  • Reset the counter so we avoid the 10 second gap in the log
  • We really do need to audit for millis32 wrap
  • 64-bit timestamps?

UTC2350 -

  • Will be accepted once it is fixed up
  • Default will need to be on

UTC2354 -

  • Allow code currently running in a thread to run on main thread
  • Needs many more comments
  • Smaller impact?
    • Semaphore in AP_Logger where AP_Logger takes semaphore before doing disk write
  • SIM_OPTIONS to choose async vs normal threading

UTC0026 -

  • Leonard pinged on trivial comment fix

UTC0027 -

  • Separate descent rate like Copters while in Q modes
  • Without rename is fine
    • Randy thinks it should be pilot-speed-up and pilot-speed-down
  • Consistency with other vehicles is a fine idea
    • So if one vehicle does it one way the others should follow where possible
  • Can be merged on CI pass

UTC0041 -

  • Two additional pointers that are only used in the narrow context of tailsitter input?
    • Confusing if the user tries to change parameters?
  • Fixes a bug…
    • Simpler bugfix….
    • 16841 merged in preference

UTC0054 -

  • Let’s not break people’s existing setups

UTC0059 -

  • Change on ChibiOS version
  • Merged!
  • Please test master!

UTC0101 -

  • Adds proximity status to scripting bindings
  • merged!

UTC0102 -

  • Positive switch for either all or a per-mode thing
  • Can be merged after CI pass

UTC0104 -

  • Conflicting requests from developers…
    • We now continue to run the mission while disarmed
      • Arm command in mission?
        • Maybe?
      • Arm-in-auto broke a whole bunch of stuff
  • Merged

UTC0112 -

  • Can be merged
  • Just a random cleanup

UTC0115 -

  • merged

UTC0119 -

  • Looks good
  • Compasslearning debug
  • Can be progressed

UTC0122 -

  • Can be merged once it has been lointed

UTC0123 - Plane update

  • Nothing to report

UTC0124 -

  • Nothing too different to last week
  • 4.1 beta is held up by SCurves
    • Breakage in pathplanners needs to be fixed
      • Progress has been made
        • Vertical bendy ruler needs to be fixed
        • Most comments of any PR?
  • SCurve
    • Needs testing on quadplanes
      • Particularly transitions
    • Needs to do a configure-all
    • 13kB more code
    • Probably push some boards over the edge
  • CPU costs?

UTC0134 - Rover update

  • Nothing to mention

UTC0134 - GSoC

  • Applications are coming in?
    • No, they open on the 30th of March

UTC0138 - Conference

  • 16 speakers so far
    • If you want to speak - better speak up!

UTC0139 - close

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