Dev Call March 20, 2023

Issues & Pull Requests



Attendee count (max): 16

UTC1101 - link: add option to watch messages verbosely by peterbarker · Pull Request #1155 · ArduPilot/MAVProxy · GitHub

  • Merged
  • Watch messages verbosely

UTC1103 - Dds prototype by arshPratap · Pull Request #17779 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • DDS prototype
  • Peter is reviewing
  • 4.5 feature?
    • Yes, but branching might happen soon
    • Tridge will approve and merge Sid’s additional IMU support
      • Done!
  • Tridge is going to create Plane 4.4 now
    • Done!
  • Peter wants a way to build it on custom build server
    • Could do this with an env setting in hwdef.dat at configure time
      • If cfg.options.enable_dds or cfg.env.enable_dds
    • Could support this after initial PR
  • Peter’s review should be focussing on danger to other bits
  • Would need to fail at compile time rather than build time if we wanted a hwdef-style define
  • Enable by default in SITL, likely disable in other boards for now or premium
  • Could build with less flash space using -Os
  • Would want enabled on RPI combo board from Cube Pilot and Holybro
  • Pierre added CI support, once this is merged to PR and build passes, it can merge

UTC1117 - Update rate vs guided yaw rate by lthall · Pull Request #23103 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Guided yaw rate vs update rate
  • As you make requests faster the achieved yaw rate decreases
    • This fixes that
  • Test fails before and passes after Leonard’s changes
  • Merged!

UTC1123 - Plane:rudder arm in AUTO/TAKEOFF only after stick returns by Hwurzburg · Pull Request #23186 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Arming rudder documentation has been fixed
  • This changes things so things only arm in auto and takeoff modes after stick returns to center
  • Is this in the right spot?
    • This delays arming, should we actually just not do anything when armed?
  • Checks will be moved to plane auto-takeoff area
    • Will be in a consistent place

UTC1134 - AP_EFI: avoid requesting data too often by peterbarker · Pull Request #23213 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • 10Hz rather than 5Hz
  • Some sort of table-of-offsets/lengths
  • Change to 10Hz and make sure MdB is OK
  • OK to merge if 10Hz is OK

UTC1143 - AC_WPNav: Stop parameter changes overriding speeds by lthall · Pull Request #23220 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Stop parameter changes overriding speeds for modes other than auto
  • E.g. RTL
  • We’re going to stop parameter changes taking effect immediately
    • DO_CHANGE_SPEED should work immediately
  • RTL speed wasn’t taking effect properly
    • The parameter change in the past would override it!
  • Perhaps entering a different mode should clear the setting in the wpnav controller?
  • Modes would need to poll their parameters
    • Or maybe pass references?
  • Two uses for WPNAV_SPEED
    • One for tuning speed
    • One for immediate changes
  • If we stop honouring this parameter then we run the risk of the user integrating changes do a very high values - and then it suddenly has a massive effect
    • We could emit a warning instead
  • Leonard wants NED in metres!
  • Maybe a callback onto the vehicle to get current desired speed?
  • Randy thinks the user interface in the GCSs is really at fault
    • Hard to change speed at runtime!
    • “Tuning your parameters”
      • Working out correct WPNAV_SPEED
        • Changing the value directly and having an effect makes this nice
        • We’d be changing that
  • We’re going to get moans from users after we merge this
    • But really, really bad speeds in RTL mean you might run out of battery and crash
      • Which did happen!
  • Set the speed in the rtl init?
    • Or a boolean setting as to whether to honour the override
  • PH thinks an immediate fix for RTL works
    • Tridge thinks Positive bool for looking for changes
  • Decision should be in vehicle code
  • DS is ready to change QGC
  • Going to take a long time for changes to filter out

UTC0015 - Copter: Add TKOFF_TH_MAX by lthall · Pull Request #23223 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Parameter to limit takeoff throttle maximum value
  • Stop the over-commit on pop-up
  • Low-pop takeoffs
  • On parameter documentation
    • Tridge likes an explanation of when you should change it and when
    • PH is worried that makes people read the param description rather than the docs

UTC0025 - AP_GPS: decouple status enumeration from MAVLink fix types by peterbarker · Pull Request #23229 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • decouple status enumeration from MAVLink fix types
  • Had a good think about Ryan’s changed
  • Remove bogus last static_assert
  • Merge after that

UTC0034 - GCS_MAVLink: deprecate use of MISSION_SET_CURRENT message by peterbarker · Pull Request #23232 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Deprecate use of MISSION_SET_CURRENT
  • Peter to put out a message on the mailing list saying GCS authors should use the mavlink command in place of the existing message
  • We couldn’t compile the message support out for at least 3 or 4 years

UTC0035 - Fix problem where STM32L496 would not init CAN2 by RobertatPegasus · Pull Request #23235 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Fixes periph stuff on L496
  • Merged!

UTC0036 - Tools: Param Parse: multi line @Values by IamPete1 · Pull Request #23244 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Allow Values to be split across multiple lines in the parameter documentation
  • Only going to use it in a couple of places, really. RC_Channels and servo channels
  • Merged!

UTC0038 - AP_HAL_ChibiOS:improve MambaF405MINI defaults by Hwurzburg · Pull Request #23245 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Improve defaults on MambaF405-Mini
  • Andy has some concerns so maybe a DevCallEU thing?
  • Uart3 is different between the boards?
    • Connectors on the board?
    • Protocol should be different or open or whatever?
    • GPS conflict - something has to be assigned?
    • Maybe assign -1?
    • Connector is already on the board…
    • Can’t send GPS config blobs at goggles!

UTC0047 - Plane update

  • Plane 4.4 has been branched!
  • 4.4 beta soon
  • Anything merged today would have to be a backport
  • GSF yaw failure
    • Initialised very badly
    • Paul’s had a bit of a look
  • Compass-less-fixed-wing handl-launch might be better to move back to the GPS ground course rather than using the GSF
    • Lower-quality GPSs can give very bad GSF results

UTC0055 - Copter update

  • 4.1.6 and 4.2.4 need releases
  • Memory corruption on CubeOrangePlus only back into those?
    • ChibiOS backport
  • Any issues on 4.3?
    • Probably no release for it
  • So next will be 4.4
    • There’s a new 4.4 issues list now
    • Pinned beside other one
    • Terrain alt clamping
    • Nasty little bug in MissionPlanner
      • non-GPS often have to set the EKF origin
      • Scaling bug!
      • Altitude is 100* too small
      • Mavlink mm!
      • Do-set-home is scaled correctly

UTC0001 - conference

  • People start to arrive tomorrow
  • Probably no DevCall next week
    • People just-arrived or jet-lagged
  • If you haven’t listed yourself in the attendees list that’s a serious problem
    • Contact tridge!

UTC0002 - RC_Channel:rename 173 option more appropriately by Hwurzburg · Pull Request #23250 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Fix naming on an RC option
  • Can be merged once rebased

UTC0004 - Remove coupling between AP_RCProtocols SRXL2 and DSM by peterbarker · Pull Request #23253 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Tridge is happy
  • Peter to work with Andy and get this in

UTC0007 - tidy enablement RC FastSBUS support by peterbarker · Pull Request #23254 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Tidy fastsbus enablement
  • Mergd!

UTC0008 - Add and use AP_RC_CHANNEL_ENABLED by peterbarker · Pull Request #23255 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Allow compilation of AP_RCProtocol without RC_Channel
  • Missing one // tag on #endif
  • Merge after that

UTC0012 - AP_NavEKF: ensure gyro biases are numbers by andyp1per · Pull Request #23251 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Ensure gyro bias are numbers
  • Merged!
  • Peter will follow up with a patch which adds the logging

UTC0018 - Flywoo F745 v2 by andyp1per · Pull Request #23249 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Flywoo f745 v2
  • Pushed to DevCallEU as tridge isn’t sure Andy meant to change the existing boards
  • FlyWoo have reached out and they want better contact!

UTC0020 - close