Dev Call March 08, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests




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Attendee count (max): 22

UTC2300 -

  • Offboard guided broken things
  • Do-change-speed should only affect guided and auto?
  • Lots of manual testing done in SITL
  • 0 isn’t a good value for airspeed?
    • Use >0 for a comparison…
  • Airspeed override to be reset on entering any mode
  • Can be merged once these things are addressed

UTC2312 -

  • Fixes for MAVProxy crashing on
  • No PR to review for this yet?
  • A delay might be OK to fix this one

UTC2314 -

  • Will come back to MAVProxy PRs later
    • Running short on time today

UTC2316 -

  • Need to use same function for roll/pitch on the RC library
    • Odd stick swapping for axes
  • Comments also need fixing

UTC2317 -

  • 16 bit mask for terrain following
  • 32-bits might be better
  • Parameter-protocol 24 bits isn’t enough

UTC2320 -

  • Climb-before-return
  • Maybe use a flight-option-bit rather than a full parameter
  • Why do we do level-roll-limit rather than going straight?
    • Roll might be require for fighting wind?
    • Straight-line-across-ground rather than roll….
    • Stop wingtip hitting ground
      • (5 degrees…)

UTC2325 -

  • Add height above terrain panel and warning
  • Random pluscode changes
    • Should check the Files tab
  • Git add -p to avoid random changes

UTC2329 -

  • Only run mission when armed
  • Can’t now arm the vehicle using mission
    • MIS_OPTIONS bit to 2
  • As soon as you’re armed you know which waypoint you’re going to go towards…. After this PR that won’t be the case
    • MdB cares that we can continue to run missions

UTC2335 -

  • Need to talk with Andy

UTC2337 -

  • Can we afford the flash for this?
  • Not really - closed
  • Its a can’t happen in a private function

UTC2339 -

  • Amilcar will fly this in next couple of days
  • Saves memory
  • Adds features
  • Use ESC telemetry library for data
  • Cuts code
  • Looking really nice
  • Randy might be able to review before DevCallEU

UTC2341 -

  • Single CAN frame to handle GPS status
  • Separate message as nodestatus can’t handle both gps and baro statuses
  • AP_Periph act as multiple nodes was considered but hard to do

UTC2344 -

  • Needs someone else to run it to make sure it works

UTC2348 -

  • Will come back to this

UTC2347 -

  • Want MdB and tridge t odiscuss this i2c scripting thing

UTC2351 - Plane runway takeoffs

  • Gergely has a few ideas
  • Jets on narrow runways
  • Suicide missions….
  • Hurricanes, Lightning, hail ice and so on….
  • PR and issue will be raised for the runway issue only

UTC0001 - Copter update

  • Copter-4.0.7 stable released!
  • A few new issues on 4.0.x
    • SD-card logging not working if the logs directory wasn’t pre-existing
    • Some sort of bug in AP_InertialSensor for a Matek board
  • 4.1
    • Lots of more on SCurves
    • Leonard’s looking forward to this being done
    • This is imminent
    • This is very flyable
      • Don’t put this on your $25,000 drone unless you really, really want to
      • Please be mean to it
    • Last item for 4.1 beta release, really
      • 11:05 AM] Peter Hall: I’m keen to get some of the pending scripting stuff in
    • Partially broken bendy-ruler obstacle-avoidance
      • Will move very, very slowly when avoiding stuff
      • New navigation is kinematic path planner
        • To generate somewhat obstacle kinematic path you need to generate and follow a path
          • Bendy-ruler and stuff uses older approach, multiple-updates of current location
            • Not compatible with a path planner
            • Input to scurve input shaper will need to allow ad-hoc path planning

UTC0008 -

  • MdB commented

UTC0011 -

  • Rover update
  • Rover will not be getting SCurves as part of 4.1

UTC0011 - Heli autotune update

  • Matek H743 board watchdogging
    • Rotor-removed testing
      • No additional watchdog resets
    • Flew it again and no inflight shutdowns
    • Tried autotune again….
  • Logging bitmask was very odd…
    • PID and fast-attitude was requested but everything else was unchecked….

UTC0017 - guided takeoff not looked at yet

UTC0017 - Off the floor

  • Partner’s call tomorrow

  • Vote outstanding from last week, please look at it

  • GSoC?

    • Announcement as to our acceptance is quite soon
      • Tomorrow
  • ArduPilot Developer Conference

    • Object avoidance
    • Navigation
    • Control
    • A few partners will also be giving talks
    • If you want to talk poke Randy/tridge/James
      • Limited number of slots for non-core developers
    • Virtual get-together
      • Maybe streamed live
      • 75 people attended some of the calls
  • Mixing ESCs on the one vehicle?

    • Yes, would be good

UTC0023 - close

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