Dev Call Mar 18 2019 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests


ArduPilot Developer Conference




Attendee count (max): 17

UTC2304 -

  • Mark ready this is ready for further testing

  • 3-vs-2 tailsitter

  • One has integrator the other doesn’t

  • Target attitude vs target rate

  • Not really an integrator

  • Early return in qacro?

    • MarkW has been considering this in terms of tailsitters

    • So early-returned from qacro

    • Check is_tailitter

    • Pete’s been thinking in terms of ordinary quadplane

      • What about the AddictionX?

        • What happens to its control surfaces?

          • Tested and it worked
      • Feature-creep to consider QuadPlanes?

        • Have to refuse QACRO for a normal quadplane

          • Or stop control surfaces (moving and motor)

            • Separate work to get those working in qacro for a normal quadplane?
  • Tested on both old and new airframes

  • Merged!

UTC2313 -

  • Fixing a bug in attitudes

  • Couldn’t arm

  • Attitudes_consistent

  • Still something going on with ahrs trim

  • Some tailsitters require 0.2 radians (1 degrees) trim

    • In fixed-wing mode

    • Won’t arm because of threshold in test

    • Convert all to common frame then compare

    • Or add trim values to margin

  • Accounting for dog-chewed propellors

UTC2320 -

  • AC_AttitudeControl - fun mathematics matrix algebra

  • _M and _P

    • Multicopter and Plane
  • Docstrings

  • Quaternion inverse expensive?

    • Inversion multiply functions can be much more efficient

    • No, not expensive - sign change

  • Need to look hard for things like division-by-zeroes

    • Particularly any state change which will be persistent
  • Constrain floats?

    • Wrap pi
  • Tridge relies on Mark and Pete to maintain tailsitter

    • Means they have to be very careful as tridge won’t be checking extremely hard
  • Would be nice to get some video

UTC2329 -

  • Tridge thinks its good

  • merged

UTC2331 -

  • We should have a clang++ thing in CI

  • Need a MacOSX CI option

  • We’ll be killing AppVeyor

UTC2334 -

  • Three bugfixes in one

UTC2337 -

  • Add 0,0 functionality

  • Can be merged after that

UTC2344 - AP_AHRS: add new method get_quat_body_to_ned()

  • There was a TODO to add this

  • So Mark added it

  • merged!

UTC2345 -

  • Needs Randy to look at it

  • It is a safety thing

UTC2348 -

  • Should we move rebooting up in the HAL

  • Too many concepts of armed in the code

  • merged

UTC2353 -

  • Crow flaps

  • Tridge still needs to look at it

  • Video!

  • Added dlg glider model

UTC2355 -

  • Hard to review this one

  • If MdB is OK with it then we can merge it

UTC0002 -

  • Needs testing

  • Will test this week

  • Memory reclamation discussions to be had!

    • Over-allocation of buffer sizes

    • Scaling buffers

    • Stop allocating buffers on DMA buffers

    • [11:09 AM] To Weekly devcall: We could add some state logging into our memory allocation routines so we know where we’re allocating?

UTC0010 -

UTC0020 -

  • Requires Randy to look at it

UTC0021 -

  • Add license boilerplate

  • Add explanation of what it does

  • Do not add underscores to variables

  • A few more comments would be nice!

  • Enum shouldn’t be 32-bit

  • Enum should be declared with (1<<1) etc etc

  • Can be merged after these changes are made

UTC0027 -

  • RTL changes need Randy to look at them

UTC0029 - fuel flow battery issue

  • Fixed problems Michael saw

  • Worked with Buzz on this one

  • MdB has no complaints left

  • Someone else wants to do another backend

    • Some PWM values

    • Some give pulse-per-volume

    • Which channel is it coming in on?

      • Use RC_Channel option for it!
  • How does this work on a mixed-input thing?

    • E.g. with sbus
  • Using RC options for RPM etc etc would allow us to solve the reuse problem

    • Brd_pwm_count stuff
  • Merged!

UTC0034 - warn-if-unused on AHRS

UTC0042 -

  • Still doesn’t work for tridge

  • Peter will iterate

    • Dash! Gah!

UTC0046 - GSoC

  • GSoC section on Discourse

    • Need to answer students who post stuff there
  • Also on Gitter

  • Need a good project

  • [11:48 AM] (Channel) …: Maybe harsh, but it’s made it clear enough that if theycan’t figure out how to propose a project I’m not sure we need to be obsessing about that person…

  • Perhaps repost this:

UTC0049 - Plane update

  • Others are doing the hard work!

  • Tom is keen on getting Onion in

UTC0053 - going up as part of RTL - is it in stable?

  • MdB think it

  • May have already been fixed in stable

    • Nate to supply information

UTC0054 - backport of PWM rangefinder

  • this should get into stable

UTC0100 - developer conference

  • Many people on this call will be in CBR shortly!

  • Good start yesterday with Miro, Yibo, James and Jonathon

  • Lots of people starting to roll in

  • Tridge yet to come up with something to talk about

  • CAN peripherals

    • Compass and GPS libraries
  • Currently in pre-conference-week

    • Weekend conference coming up!
  • Possible live-stream of panel discussion

UTC0104 - some quick live-patches for master

  • Compilation fix

  • Warnings fix

UTC0111 - rebase of Amilcar’s stuff

  • On top of current corrected branches