Dev Call June 7, 2021

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Attendee count (max): 18

UTC2300 -

  • Fails build on MatekF405-Wing
    • Size issues, pre-existing
    • What do we cut out next?
    • Vast number of things already cut out
      • Built-in OSD means lots of space
    • Quadplane land approach code and ESC telemetry unification cost us
    • Disable quadplane?
      • Fairly popular as a board to use for quadplanes
        • Need this for custom build server anyway
    • One of our most popular boards
      • As well as Omnibusf4pro
        • 3.2kB free
    • HAL_MINIMIZE_FEATURES cuts out 100kB+
  • Can be merged after it has no flash cost on 1MB boards
  • Maybe do a Log_Write instead of a BCL2?

UTC2320 -

  • Add a battery-charged state
  • MdB’s issues have been resolved
  • GCS can now know battery charge state
  • Merged!

UTC2327 -

  • Use terrain singleton
  • Some things to fix and then tridge would like to look through it again

UTC2337 -

  • MPTT and multi-can support
  • AP_Periph parameters G_ARRAY
  • CAN_BAUDRATE was never used
    • Variable wasn’t used
  • AP_HAL::CANIface const (const CANSensor::can_iface_periph)[HAL_NUM_CAN_IFACES] = (AP_HAL::CANIface* (*)[HAL_NUM_CAN_IFACES])&AP_Periph_FW::can_iface_periph;
    • Eep
    • Why isn’t there a cann which sets the state within the library?
    • This doesn’t look like the right place to declare the storage for this variable
  • Use 1000*1000 instead of 1000000 for a million as it is easier to count zeroes

UTC2355 -

  • Logging support into AP_Periph
  • Sys filesystem into AP_Periph is interesting
  • Merged!

UTC2357 -

  • HAL_WITH_ESC_TELEM=0 doesn’t build
  • There are many bits in here which don’t belong
    • Removing test
    • Disabling esc telem by default
  • Talk at DevCallEU on a fixed PR?

UTC0003 -

  • Add smart_battery_info message
  • Need Michael to look at this one
  • Use Log_Write rather than an ID?
  • Patchset needs squashing
  • Needs a rebase
  • Mavlink changes merged
  • Need to make sure data is always logged into newly opened dataflash logs

UTC0013 -

  • DJI FPV temperature and RPM fixes
  • Needs a nullptr check
  • !! is OK now-adays to turn an integer into a boolean
  • Get_highest_esc_temperatue doesn’t do that

UTC0027 -

  • Cross-axis attitude consistency checks
  • Fixes prearm checks
  • Rotations were wrong
  • Paul helped with the rotations
  • Manually coded tests passed…
  • Camera compared to regular AHRS for the Visual navigation stuff
  • Good to go as soon as minor things fixed up

UTC0031 -

  • Fixed length string
  • Andy has approved

UTC0044 -

  • Nice catch by author
  • Wrong types being used in scheduler
  • Every 163 seconds the scheduler goes bad
  • Maybe a tiny twitch every 3 minutes?

UTC0048 -

  • Million times wrong on reset
  • Percentage also logged?
  • Change to amp-hour from milliamp

UTC0056 -

  • Increase severity level for bad transitions
  • merged

UTC0056 -

  • Interpolated backend
  • Motor mixer changes based on interpolation point
  • Do we start just out-and-out trusting scripting for this sort of thing now?
    • Need to use the exception-catching that MdB said
    • Yes. scripts are now good for flight-critical code
  • Missing the ability to run a LUA script clocked against the main loop

UTC0107 -

  • Tailsitter pitch limit problem
  • Auto mode stops us pitching up
    • TECS control
    • Auto-mode back-transition
    • Fbwa to qstab will be better
    • Reverting this patch might make vehicle crash
  • Without this patch a timeout is guaranteed every time depending on your required-angle and target-angle being different
  • Backtransitions…
  • Shouldn’t have a controller which needs 35 degrees but aims for 30 degrees
  • Patch being reverted was a bit heavy handed
  • Still need to do something like it
  • Moved to DevCallEU

UTC0110 -

  • New macro to delete bad constructors
  • Copying uninitialised values around
  • Merged!

UTC0114 -

  • Metadata fix
  • Merged!

UTC0116 - plane update

  • New Quadplane landing system merged
  • Need testing!
  • Close to a Plane beta
  • Watchdog reset issue found on Iain’s glider
    • 6 or 7 times in a row
    • Soon as it armed it watchdogged
    • As soon as the vehicle went inside it lost ability to reproduce
    • Didn’t happen when soaring turned off
    • Needs to be fixed for 4.1
    • Infinite loop in main code
      • Read_radio
      • Or update_receive

UTC0122 - copter update

  • New beta later this week
  • 10 issues in, 9 out
  • Tricopter still broken in SITL
  • Surface tracking isn’t working?
  • Terrain-following is autonomous modes, surface tracking is non-autonomous modes
  • Estimated vertical velocity is going a bit strange
    • Both Randy and Leonard have seen it
    • Logging rate too low to catch it?
  • MissionPlanner has reports of it crashing on vehicle connect
  • Some avoidance issues in loiter in master
    • Rishabh and Leonard are on the case
    • Morse isn’t lock-step?
    • Leonard’s changes have removed tolerance for bad timing
    • 12.5ms or greater means position controller will reset and you’ll get an internal error
  • Xtrack reporting broken….
  • Omnibusf4 prearm internal error imu reset on matekh743
    • Quite a few issues with one of these boards locally in Canberra
      • Report to Sampson?
  • PixRacerPro gyro/accel health failures?
  • Still quite some way from releasing a stable
  • Mission with last item RTL can yield a glitch
    • Almost shut down motors before doing the RTL

UTC0133 - Rover update

  • Gps-for-yaw setup is too complicated still
  • Throttle logging showing lateral accel rather than forward/backward acceleration
  • Speed controller i-term buildup
    • Fully-saturated but i term kept building
  • An EKF issue not handling a timeout correctly (Jaime)
    • Need it in SITL or a Replay log
    • Looks like a real bug to tridge
    • Previous fix wasn’t sufficient
  • Three issues fixed for Rover
    • D-shot
    • -1 for waypoint delay fixed
    • Fence radius fixed

UTC0136 - GSoC update

  • First day of official coding
  • Need a call for Arsh’s meeting
  • Already underway with Will
  • PrecLand with Rishabh underway

UTC0144 - close

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