Dev Call Jan 6, 2020 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests

**FPort Testing
** Hott Telem




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UTC1103 - Sid and compasses

  • SITL testing found a few things, fixed
  • Some interesting compile-time checks
  • Typesafe indexes
    • Uses a class to add type-safety for indexing
    • Some accessibility issues on members
  • Randy to review
  • This is a major change in the way we do compasses
  • SITL now allows you to specify types so you can test behaviour
  • Currently If you boot up and your last compass is missing then we allow you to fly.
    • If you are missing your second-last we allow you to fly
    • This is fixed in this PR
  • MissionPlanner UI will need updates
    • It’s in the beta

UTC1111 - convert servo function to AP16

UTC1123 -

  • Reversing the option
  • Two problems
    • Transmitters are hard to program?
    • Spektrum transmitters can have dedicated functions on switches
  • Entirely fresh storage would fix it
  • RC_OPTIONS could enable reverse
    • Tiny bit of code to enable reversing
  • RC_OPTIONS also has a bit to allow fport
    • Changes behaviour of half-duplex
    • Pad bye when switching from receive to transmit
    • Bug in fport firmware where it reads 16-bits at a time
    • The option adds a pad byte
    • S-port seems to do the same thing

UTC1131 -

  • Copter frames as tailsitters
  • Defaults to motor matrix
  • Doesn’t change standard multicopter use case
  • No parameter changes for existing tailsitter users
  • Octo tailsitter coming up
    • Video or it didn’t happen
  • merged!

UTC1138 -

  • Merged!
  • Initialisation calls missed

UTC1141 -

  • Is creating a new fence overkill?
  • distance from fence instead?
  • How-far-outside-fence
  • Should check for breach on the polygons
  • Needs some testing in autotest
  • Rishab

UTC0005 - tell all EKFs we’re taking off or touching down

UTC0006 -

  • move is_flying and flying_time into vehicle
  • [11:07 AM] (Channel) MdB: I was gonna offer to do it…
  • [11:07 AM] (Channel) MdB: If we liked it in the call :smiley:
  • AP_Stats could also handle it
    • But we could remove the state from AP_Stats instead!
  • [11:08 AM] (Channel) MdB: 4 less state variables? I’m in!
  • [11:09 AM] (Channel) MdB: I mean… :smiley:
  • Some discussions on reducing scripting resources
  • We will move the stuff into AP_Vehicle
  • Change the airspeed function to take a reference rather than a pointer

UTC0018 - compiling out navekf2 etc

UTC0031 -

  • Merged!
  • Circle-mode control thingies
  • Backporting to 4.0.2, perhaps

UTC0032 -

  • Loading old parameters leads to new stick in input
  • Tridge: will cause users pain
    • Randy: will quickly be easier for users
    • [11:39 AM] (Channel)
    • This has been a problem for ages… the only time we get a clean set of parameters are if we have them loaded prior to updating firmware.
  • Nate: RC2_OPTION and RCMAP_PITCH were both set and this was bad
    • Double-map issues
    • Limited number of inputs and limited number of outputs
  • Consistent with servo library
  • Heli-quadplane
    • Rcmap collective
    • Sometimes same as throttle sometimes not
  • Rudder-only with undercarriage
  • Some discussions on nomenclature for rudder-only planes
  • Rudder-only IOMCU needs checking
  • Make sure loading old parameters is as nice as possible
  • Ask GCS authors when loading onto a vehicle that doesn’t use RCMAP whether it should blat the RC options
  • @Volatile and @Calibration for parameters would be nice

UTC0100 -

  • Closed
  • Not enough appetite for this one

UTC0101 -

  • Make this a script?
  • [12:04 PM] (Channel) MdB: oh I thought this was all new code :smiley:
  • [12:04 PM] (Channel) MdB: Makes sense
  • We’lll make this a script

UTC0109 - FPORT and Hott Telemetry

  • Backport FPort to 4.0?
  • Hott still being tested
  • Graupner will be testing it
  • Creation of an AP_Telem
    • To hold all the little RC protocols initially

UTC0123 - Plane 4.0 release

  • Going well so far
  • Wrong clock on Durandal port
  • Orange had incorrect clock on i2c2
  • Pitch7 is close to being level
    • Auto-rotation-detection can’t distinguish between the two
    • So will fail sometimes…
    • Should have said “no” to the pitch7 thing
    • New patch to exclude pitch-7 is in master

UTC0123 -

  • 4.0.1rc1 beta release in next day or two
  • Spektum 22ms is broken
    • Unsure if it a regression
    • Newer Spektrum receivers are sending different data!
  • Kakutef7-Mini watchdog reset
  • HMC compass not working?
  • Parameters getting wiped occasionally
  • Quiet buzzer issue
    • Andy Piper is working on it
  • Windows driver issue connecting CUAV board with MissionPlanner
    • Blue-screen
  • 3.6.9 crash / no logs / partner
    • Arming checks were zero
    • RF noise?
  • Release seems to have gone quite smoothly

UTC0136 -

  • Rover will get a 4.1 release in the next couple of weeks
  • Moving baseline support coming in
    • Merged

UTC0137 - constraining NAN internal error

  • Pos-rangefinder-height
  • Unhappy flow sensor?

UTC0142 - close

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