Dev Call Jan 28 2019 2300 UTC

**Issues & Pull Requests **




AUVSI Booth Update

Attendee count (max): 24

UTC2302 - fix regression for tiltrotors

  • Spool-rate stuff broken tiltrotors

  • “What does zero PWM mean?”

    • No pulses

    • Safe state to command ESC with?

      • Yes

      • Some whinge

        • You can change that on some
  • Anything unsafe about sending min pwm?

    • Cutting pulses in the middle could be bad on NuttX

      • Could spin-up on blheli

      • Fixed under ChibiOS

  • Param was added to say “want no pulses”

    • Now being used across all motor types

    • This may have broken tailsitters

    • MdB: Q_M_SAFE_DISARM is the parameter

      • [10:06 AM] (Channel) Nate:

      • ARMING_REQUIRE is also the parameter.

  • Tiltrotors don’t spool up on master ATM

  • Regression

  • “When I’m disarmed I need there to be no pulses to my ESCs” is a safety thing

    • This PR would make that no longer happen
  • This PR does restore original behaviour

  • [10:07 AM] (Channel) MdB: This: is what that’s trying to bypass

  • We should merge this then come back to do the no-pulses thing for tiltrotors

  • New function looks safe to be called from other vehicles but isn’t

    • Not used by multicopters/helicopters
  • ARMING_REQUIRE would seem to want to override both

    • But it also might not currently do so
  • Randy’s going to merge it!

UTC2310 -

  • Landing checks for relaxing position controllers were being bypassed

  • Can cause tip-overs

  • Also high-wind-days issues

  • Copy-and-paste from Copter

  • SITL says it’s fine

  • Mark and Pete - would appreciate testing of this!

  • Tridge and/or Leonard need to read through this before MdB is willing to fly it

  • Limited use for the function anyway

    • Throttle limiting

    • Shouldn’t be too dangerous

  • First time THR_MIX_MAN will be honoured on vehicle

UTC2311 -

  • Removed devcalltopic as we’ve determined we’ll change the meaning of the arming check bit

UTC2314 -

  • Looking for Chris! Are you there? Hello?

    • Present in Mumble not responding
  • Pretty close

UTC2316 -

  • Waiting for changes to the PR which tridge has requested

UTC2317 -

  • Rangefinder parameters

  • Randy checked the parameter upgrades were working

    • One parameter was being corrupted

    • A bit and back-and-forth

    • Still an issue with the upgrade code

    • Hopefully Dmitry will look at it and sort it out

UTC2319 - OBC branch

  • Whole bunch of avoidance code hard-coded to Plane

  • Peter will look at getting the mavlink stuff working according to spec

  • Once that’s working MO can get MP uploading

  • And Randy can get AC_Avoid stuff happening

  • Tom will look at getting auto-avoidance working for vehicles other than Plane

UTC2324 - Copter

  • MP is missing 3.6.3 and 3.6.4

    • MO is looking at it

    • Fixed in latest MP beta

  • Some user says Maytech 405 wing doesn’t boot with a compass attached

    • Works for Randy

      • mrobotics
    • Works for iampete

  • Parameters wiped when logs full

    • Probably new dataflash-block stuff
  • V2 vs v3 is causing issues

    • Taking features away later would suck

      • We should consider the savings “banked” for future core code changes rather than re-enabling features
    • Enhance MP to force v3 onto a v2 board, perhaps?

    • Randy would like to make v3 and v2 the same to reduce support

UTC2330 - Rover

  • 3.5 release beta testing


  • Fewer testers for Rover, of course

  • Slower beta-testing

  • Two issues came up

    • Build server hasn’t rebuilt fmuv2 for -rc2

      • Fmuv3 definitely is up-to-date

      • Peter or Francisco can have a look

    • One-shot not working

      • Maybe the loop-rate?

      • Update frequency rate?

  • Need to improve the documentation


  • 20x20 booth booked for 2019

  • Four companies in booth

    • BlueRobotics, Hex, SpectreWorx and Aion/Jeff’s Company
  • 30th April through to May 2nd

    • Conference starts on 29th
  • Booth number 4006

  • Some brainstorming to do

    • Open-source development track at the conference, perhaps
  • SRP will be there

  • Several other partners will also be there

    • No plans on pushing AP through partners (e.g. keychains)

      • JP: we have budget for it.
  • Might move earlier for 2020 to get a better floor space

  • May still have half the booth from last time

UTC2337 - testing of Plane Onion

  • Too cold for Nate to fly it

  • Tridge wants to test it before merging

UTC2341 - Unconference

JP: Dev Conference Agenda: if you are coming, and want a talking or demo slot, please add yourself.

  • MdB has been voluntold to do a scripting update

UTC2342 - scripting

  • Docs?

  • Probably not in Wiki for the time being

  • Maybe a in the AP_Scripting folder

UTC2346 - GSoC

  • Ping Jaime if you want to mentor a GSoC student