Dev Call Feb 7, 2022

Issues & Pull requests




Attendee count (max): 22


  • Scripting work on non-AETR?
    • yes as the k_elevator etc functions are being used
  • Discussion of system identification in Helicopters

UTC1100 -

  • Improving the Wiki in regards to system identification
    • Part of a thesis
  • Why a DC offset for a rate controller?
    • -10 to -15dBs
    • Bodie plot pitch.png
    • Coherence is nearly zero so you can’t trust anything
      • Can only trust data on the plot where the coherence is greater than 0.6
      • …. Found one with good coherence…
  • Working on documenting system ID and getting it documented and useful
  • Units?
    • Should be good
  • Bill will look at the data with his tools and see what he finds

UTC1107 -

  • Adds AUTOTUNE_AXIS to a mavlink message
  • Merged!

UTC1109 -

  • Deprecate SET_HOME_POSITION mavlink message (use the command…)
  • Merged!

UTC1112 -

  • Move send position target local and global up
  • What data should we actually send through?
  • Target accels/vels/pos as the position controller has them
    • Not the commanded input mode
    • Yaw rates would send all the controller outputs
    • Why send all zeroes?
      • Gcs could generate plotted trajectories
    • Attitude targets went this way recently?
    • Is this really supposed to be just an echo?
      • Do we add an extension field indicating it is an echo?
      • Should we always send an echo?!
        • Bandwidth?
  • Why does Plane only return data only in guided mode?
    • Maybe not send this for now?

UTC1120 -

  • Include axes to tune in MAV_CMD_DO_AUTOTUNE_ENABLE
  • This is an oddball message
    • Not many people use this particular message
  • Would we accept the linked 19742?
    • Problems with orthogonality with Copter
    • Tridge has never wanted to autotune a single axis in Plane
    • PR was good, just not a feature we want to burn flash on
  • Close issue and PR

UTC1129 -

  • MacOSX warning fixes
  • We’ll give it a flight test before merging

UTC1134 -

  • Updates Plane weathervaning
  • Rebased….
  • RC_Option to turn it off
  • Scaling done tridge’s way…
  • You need to set the weathervaning to what you want
    • Off by default
    • Nose-in, nose-out, side-on
    • None-on-takeoff works well for takeoff to not fly into trees
    • Landing side-on on tailsitter worked well
    • Nose-into-wind on tiltrotor worked well

UTC1138 -

  • Obeying estop for turtle and forward flight
  • Randy will look at it

UTC1139 -

  • Atmospheric model correction
  • Discussed last week?
  • Probably just didn’t have label removed

UTC1140 -

  • Back from EU call
  • Create f405-matekairspeed
  • Merged!

UTC1141 -

  • pause/continue concept with SCurves
  • Not de-tagged from last week

UTC1141 -

  • Fix compilation when INS temperature calibration disabled
  • Parameters in SITL is a bit of a pain
  • We allow for changing the structure and numbering of SITL parameters
    • I.e. we’ll break stuff
  • We’d like to have SITL parameters in the Wiki
  • Merged!

UTC1145 - QGC can’t flash ArduPilot ATM?

  • Qgroundcontrol uploading ardupilot firmware failed due to missing tags in the apj file
  • Compressed lump of parameter docs inside the apj?!
    • PR against QGC to allow flashing without parameter docs?
      • So we can flash older firmwares…
    • Where do these docs get stored?
      • Maybe they’re stashed with the git hash as a key?
    • Empty tags for 4.2?
  • Selection of firmware is really quite nice in QGC
    • Just a shame flashing seems to have been broken

UTC1149 -

  • Even if a single developer goes elsewhere for dropping weapons it’s a win even if this is a bit misleading
  • Merged!

UTC1153 -

  • Avoid direct use of alt in location
  • Merged!

UTC1158 -

  • Default implementation for basically TODO item
  • Merged!

UTC0000 -

  • Build against all.xml
  • Merged!

UTC0001 -

  • Move logging of home-is-set event up
  • Consistency!
  • Merged

UTC0004 -

  • Turn off all frames off by default
  • Then include just the ones you want
  • Merged!

UTC0006 -

  • Limit number of sensors in SkyViper
  • Merged!

UTC0007 -

  • Improve real-time S-Curve response to small input
  • Randy will look at it…

UTC0008 -

  • Extend build options to backend modules
  • E.g. smbus and generator backends
  • How is this saving flash?!
    • We should be eliding the code already!
    • Bug in build system?
    • Maybe this makes no size difference?
  • F405 still seems to have the smbus stuff in there!
    • Where’s it being used from?
    • Maybe things aren’t being elided properly?
    • Virtual methods?
  • Tridge will do a quick check to see if this is a noop ornot

UTC0019 -

  • Avoid passing mission singleton into terrain class
  • Merged!

UTC0020 -

  • Our parameter restore doesn’t restore other things…
  • Missions disappearing all the time……
  • 32kB for parameters
  • Mission area and fence area can be
  • Stg file on SD card isn’t restored
    • We only restore from the parameter backup area
    • Could potentially grab mission from SD card on a restore if it is mounted?
    • Can’t distinguish between case where user has deliberately wiped parameters and an accident….
  • Restoring would be great!
  • But the problem is the user doesn’t get notified that this has happened and it is confusing an annoying
  • Quietly losing fence is bad?
  • Half-a-dozen to a dozen examples only…
    • In all examples only the first 1 or 200 bytes was affected
  • Need to simulate this and deliberately corrupt the parameters in the same way

UTC0030 -

  • Pull out some common code
  • We’ll be limiting the ROI to 83km up
  • In frame vs out frame
  • Order of parameters?
    • Peter to reorder parameters
    • And frame to in_frame
    • Can be merged after this

UTC0045 -

  • Reset integrators when landed in auto modes
  • Missed these on previous passes….
  • 4.1-backport….
  • merged!

UTC0048 -

  • Copter update
  • 4.1.4 is out there in beta
    • Same as Plane 4.1.6?
    • Good feedback so far
    • Benewake-CAN lidar issues?
    • Stable version today or tomorrow
  • Should we make a 4.1.5?
    • Bill’s not too fussed with the integrator thing
    • But we’ll do a 4.1.5 just for it
      • Short run
      • Maybe a release for heli but not for Copter?
  • Ping Randy on stuff you really want in 4.1.5…

UTC0055 -

  • Rover
  • SCurves might not make it into 4.2
    • Sailboats
    • Yuri on non-pivot corners
    • Slow and uneven turns
    • May make things worse in some cases

UTC0056 -

  • Plane update
  • 4.1.7 beta due out today
  • More ship landing stuff
    • Copter stuff later!
    • Same simulated truck test platform…
      • Ignition gives you vehicle interaction…
      • Ocean model with rolling/pitching boats coming
        • Simulated cameras!
        • Depth sensors and cameras and stuff
        • Ship Landing Ignition Simulation - #18 by rhys
        • Vision-based avoidance in SITL will be good
        • Quadplane landing doesn’t run in real-time… close…
        • Rhys is looking for a GSoCstudent to do Ignition models
  • Henry’s aerobatic stuff went in
    • Lots of RCGroups interest!
    • Looking forward to seeing what people do
    • Sample applets are great
    • Tridge wants to see people swapping aerobatics scripts…

UTC0102 - shout-out for AP_Cloud

UTC0112 - add read-size limits on ftp

  • Merged!

UTC0112 - fix bidirectional d-shot on omnibusf4pro

  • Merged

UTC0112 - allow bootloader to boot px4 can node

  • Needs Sid or Peter to look at
  • Hopefully Sid can look at this one…

UTC0113 - set-position-target-local-ned to be above origin

  • Sub-only patch to fix frame
  • Merged!

UTC0114 - correct alt reporting

  • Mergeoncipass

UTC0117 - remove STRT message

  • Doesn’t add anything
  • Merged!

UTC0118 - correct spelling of mot_lotier_qland

  • Merged!

UTC0119 - remove ancient convert_mixers code

  • Merged!

UTC0120 - close

About UTC1145 - QGC can’t flash ArduPilot ATM?
I think I’ve noticed the same problem as I use QGC (Daily build) for flashing my PixRacer and PixHawk1-1M. I got the attached message when I flashed from Beta just now.

But notice that it did actually flash.
Also, I don’t get this message if I use my own build of master.

This is the QGC I’m running
Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 7.41.44 PM

If I should put this comment somewhere else please let me know.