Dev Call Feb 12, 2018 2300 UTC


  • Update


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  • ChibiOS


Canberra Un-conference

ArduPilot Dev Call 2018-02-13

Attendee count (max): 18


  • Strictly no tidying of tridge’s desk

UTC2301 - GSoC

  • Announcement pending
  • Org desc to be updated
  • Mentors to be invited

UTC2301 - Randy and Copter

  • Still working on loiter
    • Good progress
    • Outstanding issue with QuadPlane
      • RealFlight showed up some issues on landing
  • Still working on follow
    • Presentation at conference
      • First flight test performed poorly
  • 3.6 within next 6 months

UTC2306 - Robert has a new coworker!

  • Reading through EKF
  • Played with Plane
    • Which makes tridge happy
  • Taran

UTC2309 - Randy and Copter (again)

  • Probably won’t go with EKF3 as default in Copter 3.6
    • Not as stable as 2
    • 3 is required for some new capabilities, however
      • Users can enable as required
    • Needs work on the fallback logic

UTC2309 - Randy and Rover

  • Lots of discussion on active loitering for boats
    • Doesn’t sound hard
    • Is hard
  • Looked at dynamic positioning systems?
    • Stationkeeping on ships
    • “DP systems”
    • Extra thrusters?
    • Sub for surface vehicles is sometimes used because it can do this
      • Kind of

UTC2317 - Chibios stuff

  • Lots of stuff in last week!
  • SkyViper is supported out of master!
    • Supports both ChibiOS and PX4 build
      • Skyviper-v2450
      • Skyviper-v2450-px4
    • No fm version numbers
    • Gps velocity accuracy not shown
      • Mavlink2 extensions
      • Webui needs updating
    • Review process wasn’t great
      • Tridge’s apologies for outstanding comments which didn’t get addressed
  • RevoMini is looking really good!
    • Plane is being set up that will fly this weekend
    • Size of your thumbnail
    • RC Input and GPS
  • MindPXv2 is looking good
  • Thanks to Mark for buzzer support
    • And especially the soak testing
  • RadioLink MiniPix stuff is coming along nicely!
  • CrazyFlie2 is coming along too!
  • HAL F4Lite went in
    • Tridge has been having really productive conversations on the side with night-ghost
  • Larger revo boards have onboard compass, smaller don’t
  • Performance improvements on the horizon for Chibios
    • 400Hz on Copter with PixRacer
      • 2.5ms looptime
      • 6us standard deviation!
        • That’s way better than we’ve ever seen
        • [10:24 AM] (Channel) AndrewTridgell: APM: PERF: 0/4000 max=2526 min=2473 avg=2500 sd=5
          APM: PERF: 0/4000 max=2534 min=2465 avg=2500 sd=5
          APM: PERF: 0/4000 max=2530 min=2470 avg=2499 sd=5
          APM: PERF: 0/4000 max=2533 min=2468 avg=2500 sd=5
          APM: PERF: 0/4000 max=2525 min=2475 avg=2499 sd=5
          APM: PERF: 0/4000 max=2533 min=2468 avg=2499 sd=6
    • 80k increase in firmware size
    • SkyViper+ChibiOS support pushed it up
      • New features
      • Compass declination tables
      • Compass learning
      • New sensor drivers
      • AP_Radio
      • Barometer calibration code
    • We should be making sure CI screams when we overflow
      • 10k free maybe
      • Travis is doing px4v2 build
        • Linker should fail
  • ChibiOS project
    • Do we want to make a donation?
      • No dissent
    • ChibiOS partners page
    • Tridge is talking with Giovani
    • RTOS magazine
    • On our partners page?
      • No
      • Always link to their project page in our docs
    • HW partners should send Giovani some boards!
  • When do we move to ChibiOS for our releases?
    • When Copter does next release maybe MindPX is released with ChibiOS?
    • IO firmware needs help
      • Sid might be working on that on the plane in the way over
  • Bootloaders have been moved to a common location
    • Need documentation on updating the firmwares
    • MO is being sent a board so he can add support for it
    • Would be good to get DG onboard

UTC2340 -

  • Do we follow spec or fix the code?
  • Airspeed has been wrong forever
  • Not consistent across flight stacks, so changing the spec is problematic
  • Would break the OBC imaging stuff
    • Fix time to current time would break the timing stuff
    • Changing direction may not break cuav
  • Solex, MP and QGC maintainers are OK with the change
  • Should we add a bit indicating we’ve corrected it?
    • GCS could just look at version numbers
  • Resolved to just fix it and see what breaks
  • NAV_CONTROLLER_OUTPUT airspeed error fix?
    • Tridge is happy to fix this one
    • Probably only MAVProxy will need patching around this one
    • Or fix the docs?
  • Gap between mavlink and pymavlink is smaller now
    • WIP stuff in their tree
    • Couple of Java commits
      • Which MdB has bounced
    • Some C++ changes

UTC2358 -

  • GDt
    • Not correct as it currently stands
  • Equivalent to old Copter code
  • All vehicles work the same
  • More interesting scheduler work from Daniel!

UTC0011 - Unconference

  • Tom is in the building
  • No talk schedule yet
  • Photos folder has been created
  • If you want to be involved even if you’re not coming, let tridge know!
  • BBQ Saturday night!
  • Slight issue with hotel
    • Hotel renovation
    • Unfortunate timing
    • $25 breakfast
    • $20 if you tell them ahead of time
    • Maybe should get fresh food into Randy’s room?
  • Talks will be recorded by Ran
  • Live-streaming?

UTC0016 - YouTube playlists

  • Want to get CO’s heli videos up!
  • Luis will be looking at this

UTC0018 - tridge is talking to eHang

  • 2015 email - whoops!
  • Seeking confirmations we require