Dev Call Feb 1, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests




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Attendee count (max): 20


  • The reason they were not checkboxes originally was because that changed the GitHub interface to show the progress on the issue tab, which was misleading and more annoying.

see how it is “6 of 13”, so it assumes that all the boxes need ticking for completion

so this doesn’t work unfortunately


  • Moving camera logging to AP_Camera, nice tidy up



  • Moving baro logging to AP_Baro, nice tidy up, but now conflicting with above

Merge after rebase


  • example code needs more error handling, but otherwise good.


  • nearly there, needs panic() removed, and randy wants to have a bit more of a look b4 it goes in.


  • moved to EU call for andy.
  • Looking for people to review

UTC 2348

  • Randy looking for a code review
  • Reviewed and needs testing


  • Approved & merged

UTC 2400 Plane update / tridge:

  • We’re seeing more param reset/s on cube orange/s
  • (we think it’s caused by non-monotonic power pin ramping as identified by peter from manufacturer)
  • want to backport the fix to 4.0.x perhaps in the next week or 2. - zip file of storage_bak folder from SD card to tridge is helpful.

UTC2405 Copter update / randy/bill/amilcar:

  • randy trying to get toward 4.1 - 3d prox library has been merged now.
  • 3d loiter isnt impl yet.
  • randy blockers for 4.1 … scurves: which is working well but not merged yet . do-change-speed not working yet, and similar.
  • leonard working on it.
  • smartrtl + scurves is very slow at the moment, so its too slow to come home if lots of points.
  • bill - progressing trad-heli autotune by backporting it for 4.1
  • Autotune PR coming

UTC2415 Rover update

  • pretty much ready for a rover beta release, but randy is focused on copter scurves right now.
  • any volunteers to do a 4.0.x rover release or even a 4.1 release?

Reminder Partner Call tomorrow

Randy looking for a copter image

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