Dev Call Dec 11, 2017 2300 UTC


  • Model creation



  • removing the reversed check boxes in MP’s RC calibration screen for Rover at least:

Issues & PRs

*problem with create()

Attendee count (max): 20


  • Modelling for RealFlight8
  • Fbx files
  • 3DS max works well for 3D models
  • Importing from Solidworks works
  • Creating from scratch works
  • Very expensive
  • Free for educators/students
  • Tridge spent a lot of time on Blender and managed to get some stuff done
  • Pivots are problematic
  • KEX files are proprietary
  • Not sure if helis are easy or hard
  • Ask on knife-edge forums on how to create helicopters
  • Fbx import directly into RealFlight
  • Don’t need ancient version of 3ds-max any more

UTC23:08 Quick announcements

  • need a contribution of the month
  • No call on 2300 UTC Dec 25
  • Diminished call 2300 UTC Jan 1
  • Tuesday 2nd is partner’s meeting

UTC23:10 - copter and Randy

  • Leonard continues to poke away at new loiter

  • Making some additional changes to add another parameter to allow lean angle to be set when vehicle is not moving

  • Lean angle acceleration vs velocity

  • New flight mode changes have been made

  • Another PR for renaming the flight modes

  • [=#0000ff][/]

  • Might re-order the Copter.h file

  • Like Rover.h

  • Tridge will get around to do Plane at some stage

  • [=#0000ff]amilcar_personal[/]: What about sub ??

  • [10:18 AM] To [=#0000ff]Weekly devcall[/]: I am planning on doing Sub

  • [10:18 AM] (Channel) [=#0000ff]amilcar_personal[/]: Nice

  • [10:18 AM] To [=#0000ff]Weekly devcall[/]: (need to ask Jacob first!

  • [10:18 AM] To [=#0000ff]Weekly devcall[/]: )

  • Apologies to people whose PRs break

  • Peter will help rebasing things that break

UTC23:19 - Rover and Randy

  • Many logging changes
  • No more CTUN message
  • THR+STER message instead which should give you everything you need
  • Inertialnav is being removed
  • Removed from a couple of libraries already
  • Object avoidance for Rover coming
  • 90% reuse what Copter’s got

UTC23:22 - partners

  • a little behind on partner’s renewals
  • He’s getting to them!
  • 8 have renewed
  • Most non-renewals don’t respond
  • The one feedback from non-renewal is because the partner left the industry
  • Rob’s partner payment
  • Should have come from GSoC?
  • No, payment is to project
  • Funding for individuals that go to mentor summit
  • Which Jaime did receive
  • No payment to individual mentors
  • Need to make sure the GSoC payments got made
  • Need visibility on SPI accounts!
  • Accounts tend to lag be a few months
  • We had $53,000 back in August
  • Should have gone up significantly since then thanks to our partners
  • Some donated more than the minimum - thanks very much!
  • Hex
  • Lightware
  • We have voted to use money to get people down to the developer conference in February in Canberra
  • A very, very valuable thing

UTC23:35 - ::create call

  • Hard to reproduce
  • Autotest server reproduced it once
  • And Peter’s laptop is reliable on it
  • Peter’s initial diagnosis seems to be correct
  • Uninitialised values off the stack being copied into bss-variables
  • Tridge thinks it would affect STM32 as well
  • May or may not be getting away with it ATM
  • Tridge wants to discuss with Lucas
  • This stuff is supposed to help with static analysers
  • May need to do a large PR to revert the create stuff if we can’t nut out how to fix the problem
  • Large effort which got a lot of review
  • Didn’t understand the way ::create works
  • Not a compiler bug
  • Looks to just be flawed
  • We seem to be lucky usually that the stack is filled with zeroes
  • Not in copter release
  • Not in Plane release
  • In the pending Rover release :frowning:
  • Not in Sub release

UTC23:35 - sounds for PX4

UTC00:05 - Votes / Bugmaster

  • Perceived conflict of interest
  • Funding committee should have handled the vote
  • Hindsight is 20/20
  • Do we actually have a funding committee?
  • Probably should have been tasked with creating the two votes rather than Francisco having to do it
  • Nudge on the funding committee to review proposals
  • Four members who nominated
  • Congratulations to Luis, Olivier, Pierre
  • Tridge has adjusted the mailing list membership
  • Now we have a funding committee
  • Nothing improper has been done here
  • It would just have been better to have someone else create the votes
  • There was a week were someone else could have stepped in and say someone else should have run the vote
  • (Channel) [=#0000ff]J[/]: I think the margin for the second part of the vote is too close to call. And we have at least one person against that did not vote
  • Should have had the vote open for the duration of the call
  • [11:22 AM] To [=#0000ff]Weekly devcall[/]: I didn’t raise the issue of the vote being closed because the results were in-line with what I would’ve voted for anyway.
  • The certainty to the ArduPilot project on outgoing expense is no way near as much of an issue as the change in income is to Francisco
  • We need to do better in future
  • And we’ve spent a lot of time on this devcall for this small
  • Randy to update Wiki
  • Votes should span a devcall
  • Funding committee to open funding votes
  • Votes should be on agenda for dev call

UTC00:30 - Resistors and compasses

  • Need a good description of the fix!
    UTC00:30 - Acceleration on table
  • Two bare PH2.1 showing acceleration issues
  • [=#0000ff]Jacob[/]: could this be related to the create thing?
  • [11:32 AM] To [=#0000ff]Weekly devcall[/]: Notionally!
  • Tridge doubts it
  • EKF timing initialisation fix
  • This can actually be reliably reproduced on some machines
  • In since start of EKF2
  • [=#0000ff][/]
  • merged
  • Gyros-still-setting for a long time (maybe forever)
  • Roll and pitch oscillate
    • as in 180 degrees every few seconds
  • Tridge will get a log to look at
  • Someone else reports it doesn’t happen with EKF3
  • [=#0000ff][/]
  • Similar in symptoms?
  • Should switch to EKF3 in master sometime…

UTC00:42 - Jani is working with Shenzhen manufacturers association now

  • One of our biggest user bases
  • Congrats Jani!undefined