Dev Call Aug 3 2020

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Attendee count (max): 22

UTC1100 - Pre-Agenda

  • European call went well
  • Maybe 8 attendees
  • CAN discussions
  • OSD parameter system discussion
    • Worked out a better approach for setting up the parameters
  • Will continue to do the calls
    • ~36 hours from now

UTC1102 -

  • Avoid shot noise by slewing center frequency
  • Typing issues
  • Review comments left
  • Need to show some logging that the slewing is effective
    • Add a temporary graph to show that the slewed frequency does move smoothly
    • Testing evidence

UTC1114 -

  • Merged
  • More space by excising Solo gimbal from most boards

UTC1118 -

  • Leonard was very positive
  • Filter was there so newer IMUs matched the older IMUs’s hardware filtering
    • When using fast sampling
  • This will affect existing aircraft
  • The filter is followed up by a lot of other lower-frequency filters
    • Probably won’t make a big difference
    • This came in before fast-sampling
      • 188 was the filter rate
  • Tridge things this was probably a bad idea
  • If close to the noise filter this could be a problem
  • Probably just added phase lag
  • Probably such a small effect flight tests aren’t going to be useful

UTC11122 -

  • During normal fixed wing takeoff we turn off crosstracking so we go straight to first waypoint
  • Weren’t doing this in normal quadplanes
  • Would do some skewing; instance of plane doubling back
  • So don’t cross-track after takeoff
  • Moving platform takeoffs for Copter will also need something like this
  • merged…

UTC1126 -

  • Range constraints on input to function
  • Some nasty integer wrap stuff in there
  • Turning throttle failsafe
  • When comparing radio input we should constrain to the ranges
  • Clamp at lower range?
    • Passthroughs stuff that
  • Need this constraint in more places

UTC1136 -

  • Templatified MIN/MAX are a pain
  • Test 2 digit and 3 digit latitudes/longitudes
  • Can be merged after testing

UTC1143 -

  • Produce a few binaries to ensure no change
  • Can be merged after that

UTC1149 -

  • Want to see a graph
  • Sas should start at zero, measured shouldn’t be
  • Paul has some plans around this area
  • Improve support for flying without airspeed sensor
    • Initialise from stall speed of aircraft
  • Peter to create a graph and ping tridge

UTC1151 -

  • Need to make sure we’re using the right hash
    • We’re not
    • Tridge will comment
  • ?
    • Are we no longer compliant after these message field definition clarifications
    • Merged it
    • Surprised to see STATUSTEXT_LONG just disappear
  • Ardupilot one rebased

UTC0006 -

  • Remove defunct message
  • Merged
  • Bit of a shock it wasn’t used, really…

UTC0009 -

  • Move to sq() rather than using powf
  • isHeadingLinedup isn’t standard style
  • Random soaring video:
  • Can be merged after the sq() changes
  • Why not a flight mode?
    • This is kind of like avoidance
    • Lift is the trigger rather than object avoidance
  • Stack of modes?
    • So once you’re done thermalling you pop back out of it
    • Copter just initialises everything as you enter a mode…
  • Path-planning
    • two-item stack
    • Original destination and oa destination
  • Soaring is ground avoidance?!
  • Some pitfalls where not setting parameters appropriately
    • Could be mitigated by having separate mode
  • Soaring a LUA script?
    • Heuristic logic could be coded nicely in LUA?

UTC0024 -

  • Last time there was only one issue - remove the is-flying check
  • Special-cased for tradheli
    • Collective rather than throttle for tradheli?
    • Bill said to do it this way…
  • MdB’s requested changes have been done
  • Merged!

UTC0026 -

  • Add airmode rc options
  • Want to be sure it doesn’t impact modes where it shouldn’t make a difference
    • The accessors should show that’s the case
    • qhover/qloiter etc shouldn’t be affected
      • At all times when using vtol mode but airmode is enabled we shouldn’t do airmode except in specific modes
  • How about qassist in fbwa?
  • Throttle suppression on the ground
    • Finger-chopping avoidance mode
  • Need testing report on real vehicle
  • Need to know throttle suppression
  • Zero-throttle should kill motors in fbwa etc etc
    • Until throttle suppression goes away
  • What would an adequate test be?
  • Henry will do independent tests
  • qHover on ground when this is active will cause it to try to stabilise?
    • That’s unexpected
    • Doesn’t make sense to do stuff in qhover as it’s a height-control not throttle-control
    • Needs to be tested
  • Difficult to autotest as you need disturbances to trigger stabilisation stuff
    • Spin-arm to spin-min will show when airmode turns on
    • Use AHRS-trim-X to roll it over a little
  • Fbwa + some throttle + qassist = flight
  • If Henry comes back and says all good we can merge this one

UTC0038 -

  • Returning -1 in mavlink means QGC will stop whinging about low battery
  • That’s the way it is defined in mavlink
  • Initialise battery_pct and guarantee that the passed-in parameter isn’t modified if false is returned in a comment

UTC0053 -

  • Message received telling them where vehicle is received
  • It’s a good idea
  • LOCAL_POSITION not used by plane much
    • Plane isn’t consuming the frame on the equivalent input
  • Outstanding for a couple of years
  • Might be affected by Planck with precision landing
  • Single origin for the entire vehicle sounds like a good idea
    • Complicated by EK10 changes?
      • Probably not, it was a bugfix
    • GPS glitches?
    • If we aren’t armed then DCM shouldn’t set an origin
      • Don’t be too eager!
      • GPS units can be overconfident
  • Deferring until we can get input from MdB

UTC0104 -

  • Has probably conflicted with previous change
  • Merging going on

UTC0104 -

  • Analogue RSSI pin not working on CubeOrange in the beta
    • Not sure it was ever working
  • Not a lot of testers for 4.0.6 beta
  • Important fixes pending for a long time

UTC0113 - Copter-4.0.4-rc3 available for beta testing

  • Some reports not total investigated yet
  • DJI OSD stuff not in master
  • Rangefinder / guided mode
  • HMC compass missing
    • Possible HW issue
  • Has the new compass stuff in MP been put into a release yet?
    • No, only in beta ATM
    • Needs to go out before new compass stuff can work properly
      • We lose the compass_primary parameter and you must use the PRI IDs instead
      • QGC might get some interface…
  • No blockers so far
  • Maybe another week
  • Safety fix for Heli needs to be included
  • Randy will get Henry some bullet points for Wiki documentation to tell users how to reprioritise their compasses if they don’t have a fancy interface on their GCS

UTC0120 -

  • There’s a PR to improve pivot steering

UTC0121 - GSoC

  • PH has been working on other bits and pieces
  • Kharshit changes need a bit more work, tridge has been flying
  • Rishadh has a big PR about to go in which adds ability to back away from objects in Copter and Rover

UTC0125 - i2c in SITL

  • Peter needs to work out why the MS56xx thingy is whinging

UTC0121 - sbuf stuff in msp PR

UTC0131 - close

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