Dev Call Aug 14, 2017 2300 UTC


  • skyviper drone,
  • Copter 3.5 release update (Copter-3.5.2 should be out as the official version by the time of the dev call)



  • serial 5 debug console usage for non-nsh protocols
  • Change EKF3 to be default?
  • FLOW_ENABLE, several users reporting it loses the value set after reboot (possible bad 0 index)
    Upgrade Semaphore CI [Approved]


  • FAA proposed rules for remote ID and related stuff



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09:04 - Matt, Tridge and SkyViper
Matt is very excited to be able to talk about this!
Tridge has been working on the dark-side of Copter for a ew months with SkyRocket
Peter, Paul , Leonard and a few others involved
Cool little drone
Runs ArduCopter close to 3.5
Some extra patches not upstream yet
Brushed motors
Same as Cube
Board by Philip
Little video board running FreeRTOS
Web server allows upload firmware/download logs
MGA assist data is awesome!
Transmitter firmware
Implementation of DSM2 within ArduPilot
Used to just be over a UART
This is over SPI
Need a team vote for bringing stuff into ArduPilot
Normal ESCs?
Technically possible
Was a dual-path process for board
Philip’s board works
Connections for external receivers…
LIDAR and optical flow pads are on the base board….
Some (lots) of soldering required
Plug not populated
Compile-time option for this ATM
Should be run-time… difficult to set that up
Cost reduction!
$4 in huge volume
Which is extremely expensive!
Chews 2 sectors of flash
Could use smaller sectors
Would have to go at start of the flash (16k blocks at start…)
Stm32 is odd with block sizes on flash
Log-based storage system
“File system” (singular)
Automatic temperature calibration on board
Invensense 20789 accel/gyro/baro support
Should be a great developer copter
Incredibly resilient
Tridge has yet to break a single prop
See boomerang-mode video
On shelves soon
Look for the white frame!
Auto-calibration stuff
Single-press accel
Point-north mag cal
Looking at alt-hold takeoff and calibrating mag in-flight
Needed to make factory process fast
100,000 units takes time to process
802.11 telem
Full mavlink udp
Port 14550
HOWTO videos coming from tridge
Put on table and it does calibrations
Per-motor compass calibration
ArduPilot SkyRocket Team want to make this a great dev platform
Could make for a good STEM platform for the schools
Flies better without prop guards
11m flight time
1S batteries only!
Should be an InterDrone
ArduPilot logo is prominent on the packaging!
Battery-less GPS data
Under 10s to get lock
Downloaded MGA is awesome
M8 vs M8N
Only a tiny patch to report number of sats data supplied for
Approximate position + time
Need to get generally get more messages back from GPS
Most dev was done by tridge ssh’ing into drone from Canberra
Soldering is much better in LA
No onboard stabilisation for video
Works well FPV style
Many PRs to come for code back into master
Baro temperature compensation not in master yet
If vehicle is disarmed and still it calibrates baro for temperature

09:40am - Randy and Copter
SafeRTL testing on SkyViper seems like a good idea
3.5.2 came out yesterday
Minor fixes on top of 3.5.1
Extra i2c bus for the intel aero rtf
Gps glitching warning + prearm check
Landing gear improvements
Messed up build server a little bit
Being looked at by FF and Peter
Support forums seem to be pretty clean for 3.5
Optical flow not-powered-by-usb seems to be an issue
Timing issue?
Compass_type_mask for 3.5.3
Gps glitch put you into althold mode?
Maybe for 3.5.3
Will be parameterised
Only for manual modes
Would have a mode-switching beep
Notification across telem link
ppoirier: For any automatic mode change, the buzzer should emit a constant beep-beep-beep
New loiter coming!
Being held up by one issue - wanders on gps glitch
Pilot controls accelerations
Much weaker position control
“One step above”
Could turn off position control and velocity control
Kinda ALTHOLD in loiter mode…

09:51am - Randy and Rover
Pierre, Randy and Peter
Did a motors library
Did a control-modes-are-objects refactoring
Now replacing steering and throttle controller
Acceleration control
Slows down before waypoints
WP_OVERSHOOT limits overshoot
Not used by navigation control when after waypoint
Tank-track steering improvements
PR will be pulled in in next few days
Then another beta
Soon (next few weeks)
More parameters to move into motors library

09:55am - tridge and serial
Small PR to allow you to use serial5 as another UART
Maybe a slight change to reduce crap going out to port
Have to choose your protocol carefully
Do not want to confuse your device
Needs testing on various devices
Works fine on storm32

10:00am - Randy and Odom
EKF3-only SLAM

10:01am - FF and Flow enable
Parameter seems to be being reset
We shouldn’t really be resetting the variable
Use a flag to indicate initialised
Flow sensor is actually failing to initialise
Need to fix this for 3.5.3

10:04am - JeffW and FAA rules
FAA working groups
New regs before end of summer
Into rule making process
Tracking and identification of unmanned aircraft in the airspace
Some technical definitions
Not supposed to be a catchall e.g. the SkyViper
“Identify” ability to identify UAS and owner/remote pilot
“Tracking” ability to track vehicle in real time
A unique identifier for the UAS
Either of these make it covered:
Range 400ft + remotely viewable camera
More than one waypoint
Was a weight limit
They removed it
1960 report on 50% fatality
250g limit vs 2.2kg
“Assure A4” pdf looks at safe weight classes
Kinda useless
“More study needed”…
Also nonsense paper from the UK
They are debating these topics this week
ID Based on X.509
Transports of tracking data
Proposals from
LTE seems to be popular
Qualcomm is involved….
Relay through GCS is permissible
Transponder on vehicle
No implementation details
Other places are doing the same sort of thing
Working group 3
How the backend will work
Flight planning as well
Closed door process!
Not publishing documents
Jani: real time drone cloud where officials can later down your drone if they think that it’s in illegal area
[10:12 AM] (Channel) MdB: So tired of freaking proposals that need mobile connectivity. I keep operating in areas that 100% has 0 coverage…
Australians should all fill in the CASA survey!
We should lead the world here!
Jeff is agitating to get AP involved
Given we’re in the top three
Next topic is important for this
More marketing/awareness => more access for this stuff

10:19am - Marketing and Olivier
Meeting identifies some ideas to improve outreach and marketing in general
Small group created
Working on subprojects/ideas
Merchandise acquisition plan
ArduPilot branded merchandise
InterDrone made this a priority
improve/redesign website
Marketing plan
Including fonts
Make things easy for new users
Public Relations
Should the marketing plans be made public?
Open to dev-team, obviously
Manufacturing lead times
Needed something that can be quickly approved
First-half quick-approval
Funding committee was positive on it
Members would like to know they’ll be reimbursed
Olivier will put a proposal together
to accept the team
To accept the budget proposal
Might need a process to set the team members instead of accepting the current volunteer team
Some concern things weren’t done “right”
Randy is fine with the budget
Randy is good with the marketing team concept in the same way we have a funding committee
Randy isn’t keen on the webshop concept
product doesn’t shift
Giving away works, ‘though might have more drawing power
Could just be a distraction
Jani is willing to do the web-shop / schwag
Manufacturing in Thailand or China
Already has history with logistics of this sort of thing
Jani is thinking of capitalising the web/shop/marketing operations
No huge quantities of stock
Tennis-player wrist swipes
Not looking at hardware
Randy still doesn’t like the webshop concept
Leave it to the partners
Philip: should we have a policy on the ArduPilot branding?
People would like to raise funds for us but don’t know if they can use our branding
One for the marketing team!
Lots of support for this
MdB: $4,000 seems a bit high for InterDrone
Jani:we need to see concrete proposals
Including reach etc etc
Olivier agrees
Discuss proposal is vague on purpose
A more precise proposal with details should be kept secret
Shouldn’t need to justify every $5 expenditure
Should we do a proposal / vote on thing?
Tridge: 501c says all costs have to be justified
Must benefit our goals
Itemise out costs
Or SPI won’t approve
Have a separate organisation for marketing?!
Which donates at end of month back to AP
Tax implications?!
Generally a rather unpopular concept
Tend toward openness
Don’t need to go into excruciating detail for every decision
Before taking big actions
Check with dev team
E.g. “any guns on this t-shirt?”
Olivier will be putting a proposal together
Measurements are important
JP: Bags given away?
Brand awareness
PB: we should measure this brand awareness?
Olivier and tridge are happy with the way things are feeling
Tridge nominates Alex for dev-team
Olivier supports
Need a web-ads budget
Marketing team hasn’t looked at this yet
JM: should interdrone stuff be split from other issues to help it move through?
@MdB: should we not do handouts at InterDrone? Spend on web ads instead
Fan-out at interdrone
Brand awareness ol Solo is estimated to be high by Philip
70% know ArduPilot is inside (esimate)
MdB: I think there is some over estimation of interdrone returns :slight_smile: (lots of people who walked in last year cause it was in vegas), the other manufacturers I know of who had boths there didn’t get more then 1 sale or lost money on attending. Now I’ve only talked to 3 people exhibiting there but thats the impression I walked away with
SkyViper release was awesome from a marketing perspective
MM: We are planning on doing videos on getting into the low-level stuff!
RM: we’ll link from the wiki pages
MM: let’s work together to make sure we’re not repeating stuff

11:03am - Misc
Randy will be putting together a how-the-team-works document
How to put a vote together
Funding committee

11:10am - EOM