Dev Call April 5, 2021

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Conference April 9-11

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Postponed because of Conference

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Attendee count (max): 17

UTC2300 -

  • Peter to do patches for MAVExplorer to show this in use

UTC2308 -

  • Sending statustexts more efficient
  • Back after being tested
  • Merged!

UTC2310 -

  • Navigator LED
  • Needed testing
  • Merged!

UTC2311 -

  • Moves rudder arming stuff up into RC channel
  • Unrelated bug found in quadplane arming
    • Ignore rudder while taking off?
      • Copter has landing detection which ignores rudder on ground
      • Takeoff and auto-arming?
    • Race condition getting stick back to neutral?
  • Auto-trim looks odd?
    • Should we remove it?
  • Move save_trim back onto Copter
  • Fix continuous calls to arming checks

UTC2336 -

  • WoW weight one wheels switch (WoW can be waiting-on-weather)
  • WoW causes vehicles to consider themselves landed more easily
    • General agreement that being able to use weight-on-wheels as an absolute is a good idea
      • Option into the future
  • Needs testing on a real vehicle
  • merged

UTC2343 -

  • Ned to use tnow rather than AP_HAL::millis()
  • Needs a rebase and handling of tnow

UTC0007 -

  • Tested on hardware now
  • frontend/backend split for external ahrs
  • What would a generic NMEA parser look like?
  • Could use vectornav on a Copter now
  • Dozens of manufacturers making very expensive serially-connected IMUs
  • Fibre-optic gyros?
  • Needs review
  • Would be good to be able to degrade performance in SITL to trigger EKF failsafes
  • Tridge is changing m/s errors into innovations to fit our repoirting

UTC0014 -

  • Flush out stuff before rebooting in SITL
  • Merged

UTC0022 -

  • For DevCallEU?
  • PH has looked at this
    • LEDs working nicely after this

UTC0023 -

  • Memsic device….
  • Can be merged once its passed CI

UTC0030 -

  • Built on top of the memsic compass support
  • Random other bits and pieces that are navigator-specific

UTC0030 -

  • Climb-before-turn not quite right
    • Needs to climb quickly
  • Don’t want to asymptote
  • We’re probably subtracting wrong altitude frames

UTC0038 -

  • Stop watchdogging on log erase

UTC0041 -

  • Redefine output distance logic on teraranger
    • Tell difference between dead sensor and out-of-rnage
  • Essentially reverts MdB’s change
  • 13376
  • Merged

UTC0044 -

  • Uavcan slot preservation
  • merged

UTC0045 -

  • Megacy simulink
  • Merged

UTC0045 -

  • Gets back some DMA memory
  • Lots of LEDs again
  • Master you can only do 30 or 40 and you run out of memory
  • I2c4 and spi6 - restrictions of matrix of what RAM regions you can use
  • I2c4 might be broken ATM
  • PH to check these mappingsto make sure boards aren’t broken

UTC0055 - cygwin packages / 64-bit stuff

  • 32/64-bit windows
  • We need to use 32-bit packages so we get 32-bit binaries
  • Stephen is helping out

UTC0056 -

  • Terrain and quadplane fixes
  • Put pre-generated terrain file in which will be cool

UTC003 - Conference and stuff

UTC0007 - Copter/Rover

  • Beta testing before end of the week?
    • So people can try out some of the cool stuff
    • No blockers for beta as far as we’re aware
      • Some annoying but not dangerous problems
    • PR to fix OA with SCurves
      • Rishabh is still look at this
      • Vehicle moves around too much
    • Still finding bugs
    • Might still have a problem in quaternion controller
    • EKF3 has a few issues that will need to be addressed before release
    • E.g. yaw estimate wandering off
      • Randy saw on Rover
      • Maybe same as Andy’s behaviour
    • Calling stuff “rc” is maybe not a good thing
    • Plane isn’t ready
    • Bandwidth from Paul?
    • Need to frame the announcement - and not using “rc”!
    • Tough to get testing together just within dev team
    • Need wider use
    • Want to get it out soon-ish

UTC0027 -

  • Bi-direcitonal d-shot for revo-mini
  • Word problem in semaphore
  • DevCallEU

UTC0031 -

  • DevCallEU

UTC0033 -

  • Merged
  • Bdshot on kakutef7

UTC0034 - Plane update

  • New autotune is looking really good
  • Completely new PID system is looking good

UTC0035 - close

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