The page in question: … a-mavlink/

I am attempting to hook up a pixhawk controller with an ODroid and have been reading up on the above mentioned paged. I was hoping for some clarification. For perspective I have a 3DR iris that I am attempting to modify.

  1. The original Odroid link at the top of the page points towards a community edition U3 which does not exist anymore. A different link on the page labled ODroid U3 Community Edition in the “parts required” section, instead points towards the C1 version. Which seems to be their latest offering. Will the C1 edition work? Or should I purchase the standard U3?

  2. Powering the device: I see a small picture included in the general setup area of how to power the device. It seems to be a 5A Turnigy thingy. What is that dohicky? How do I configure power for my device if for starters, I was using a 3dr Iris?

Thanks for your assistance with this.