Determining where home was from log file


I have searched but not seen an answer yet.

Is there a way of determining the home gps lat long from the log files? Is it simply the first position fix after arming or is there some other field in the log where it is stored as determined by the code as a good enough fix to be home when arming.

Is there a status field that specifies if a home was set? I am wonderiing as sometimes with telemtry (although a tad flakey at the moment) droid planner said home was thousands of km away after arming.

GPS was good with 10 to 11 sats and no warnings prior to arming.



On APM:Copter, home is the gps position (as detected by the FC) each time it’s armed.
So if you arm when the gps position is miles away due to low sat count or high hdop, that is where the FC will think home is and subsequently try to return there on RTL.

So the first gps lat/lon coordinates you see in the log will be what the FC uses as “home” assuming the log starts only after arming,

Cheers Mark