Determining ESC Type

I am having issue with my copter flipping as soon as I throttle up. I have confirmed the motor and the propeller configuration and can only think it may be the ESC Calibration.

I calibrated using “Normal” ESC Type and now starting to wonder if it is right.

I have LHI Simonk 30A ESC. How do I know what ESC Type that is?

Thanks in advance.

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Those are plain vanilla PWM. Set MOT_PWM_TYPE to 0 (normal).

It’s almost always motor order or prop direction causing this. Double check with Motor Test in Mission Planner

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You response is much appreciated.

I have done motor test where clicking “Test Motor A” drives “Motor 1”, B drives 2, C drives 3 and D drives 4.

Also, I can guess the motor spin and propeller are correct since the air blows down when I click on any of the “Test Motor”.

My configuration is as follows:


Thanks again

That is incorrect. Read the note about order on the Mission Planner motor test page.

Clockwise from front right.


That did it. Thank you.

Hello, sorry for jumping in but I al so have a question regarding how to chose the ESC types.
I purchased the low cost standard “brushless motor + esc + propeller set”. The motors are the typical Brushless 1000kv A2212

The ESC specs are:
Output: 30A continious, burst 40A up to 10 Secs.
Input V: 2-4 lipo battery or 5-12 cels of NiCd/NiMH
BEC: 2A/5 V (linear mode)

What Type of ESC should I select in Mission Planner, the option that says “Standard” or “one-Shot”, or other?
Advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


Standard PWM

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