Determining ESC Type

I am having issue with my copter flipping as soon as I throttle up. I have confirmed the motor and the propeller configuration and can only think it may be the ESC Calibration.

I calibrated using “Normal” ESC Type and now starting to wonder if it is right.

I have LHI Simonk 30A ESC. How do I know what ESC Type that is?

Thanks in advance.

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Those are plain vanilla PWM. Set MOT_PWM_TYPE to 0 (normal).

It’s almost always motor order or prop direction causing this. Double check with Motor Test in Mission Planner

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You response is much appreciated.

I have done motor test where clicking “Test Motor A” drives “Motor 1”, B drives 2, C drives 3 and D drives 4.

Also, I can guess the motor spin and propeller are correct since the air blows down when I click on any of the “Test Motor”.

My configuration is as follows:


Thanks again

That is incorrect. Read the note about order on the Mission Planner motor test page.

Clockwise from front right.


That did it. Thank you.