Detecting turbulences/bounces via tlogs

Hi everybody,

Considering than in my previous test about gps glitches I was not able to identify the problem via info reported from tlogs, I’ve tried using wind simulation that comes with SITL, using SIM_WIND_* parameters.
I ran a normal mission on SITL, and , in the end, I activated the following weather conditions, while the drone was hovering:

Fly south east in loiter and test reaction to wind

Apply wind at Thu Mar 30 03:13:26 2017
param set SIM_WIND_DIR 90
param set SIM_WIND_SPD 50

Apply wind at Thu Mar 30 03:13:31 2017
param set SIM_WIND_DIR 180
param set SIM_WIND_SPD 30

Apply turbulence at Thu Mar 30 03:13:36 2017
param set SIM_WIND_TURB 20
param set SIM_WIND_SPD 40

Hit ground at 8.683764 m/s

The point is , being able to detect / extrapolate dangerous/inusual situations (bums, …), analyzing sensors data that comes with tlogs.

This is the interesting info from the test:

ATTITUDE (this one semms to be helpful)

EKF (no understand …)

GLOBAL POS (lat and long didnt have data… these params dont really know its meaning)


LOCAL_POS (any difference with gps ?)


RAW_IMU (many info related to accel on different sensors, dont know which one is valid)


scaled imu (same as imu ??)



SIMSTATE 1 - seems only valid on simulations


vfr 1 - dont understand



I’ll be really really grateful with your opinion/support. I hardly understand the meaning of many info from tlog, even after readung mavlink documentation :frowning:

Thnaks in advance