Detected 0 Channels. To operate PX4 you need at least 5 channels (Pixhawk 6C/Herelink V1.1 cu)

Hi all, I have a problem with QGC’s setup.

In QGC everything is working and calibrated despite the Radio.
When I try to calibrate it it’s write “detected 0 channels…”

In the controller unit’s setup also every channel is working and calibrated.

I’m using a Holybro Pixhawk 6C as a flight controller and a Herelink controller unit v1.1 (Herelink Controller Unit (V1.1) | CubePilot – IR-LOCK) as a cu.

I attach a picture of the wiring.

It’s will be an airship, not a multicopter, that’s why the parts in a gondola.

You seam to be having problems with PX4 firmware. This forum is not dedicated to PX4 firmware. This forum is dedicated to ArduPilot firmware. These are different firmwares.

Please post Px4 questions here

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