Detailed circuit schematics of the APM Mini 3.1

Does anyone have detailed circuit schematics of the APM Mini 3.1.

What is happening is i re wired a pixhawk power module to be gnd gnd 5+ 5+ current voltage as the wiring is different for pixhawk and apm mini 3.1.

But! the APM Mini 3.1 isn’t powered on by the power module so what i did was wire gnd gnd together and 5+ 5+ together and attached a BEC the flight controller still didn’t power.

If I attach a BEC to the OSD port on APM mini 3.1, 5+ & GND the flight controller powers on this leads me to believe that the power port on the APM is faulty but i need to see a schematic showing what its attached to.
Could be blown diode or regulator wont know till i see a schematic.

Even searched on-line before coming here I didn’t find what i was looking for.

Do I have to solder the two pads together marked JP2 in order that the power module works?