Desync after motor replacement


I just changed from NTM 2830-800kv motors, to T-motor MN3110-780kv motors, and now i am able to provoke motor desync. This is the scenario:

The propellers are off, i calibrate the ESC’s and when i am able to test the motors, i can provoke a desync, randomly on all motors if i quickly go from eg. 5% to 70%. Its usually when i am NOT throttling to 100%.

The same goes if i use motor test in mission planner.

If i plug in the ESC to my RX i cant provoke desync. I don’t belive all 6 escs are broken at the same time.

The new motors are 14 poles, and the old was 12 poles… Is it a setting in BL heli?


I’m 99% sure this is normal behavior for most ESCs from zero throttle to full, or rapid throttle change, without propellers.

I’m having the same issue, but with APD 120F3 ESCs and Mad 5015 v3 270kv motors spinning 18x5.9 props… Rather odd considering the 120F3 have desync mitigations built in