Destructive bug in Mission Planner

I’ve lost several missions to this bug and I didn’t realize until now it was due to a bug. I always thought I somehow wasn’t careful.

When you load a mission (Load WP File), and then alter the mission and hit ctrl+s to open the Save As dialog box, the default file name is the loaded mission. If then you decide to cancel saving the altered mission (and thus have not altered the filename) by hitting “ESC”, the mission is saved, destroying the original copy of the mission.

MP build 1.3.6755.6422

Along the same line, can you please change the default filename to the last saved filename? Instead of using the filename of the originally opened mission.

ive just added a fix for this.
on only does it if there’re is a filename in the box, if the box was blank, and you clicked cancel it would work as expected