Designing a mission to take 360 degree panoramas


I am trying to design a mission to take a number of photos by hovering my hex at certain point and altitude above the ground, only changing the yaw between photos. I will then stitch those photos together to make a panorama.

I can’t figure out exactly how I should plan this mission in Mission Planner.

Reading the wiki, if I understand it correctly, I need to set a waypoint, then set a Condition-Yaw, then Do-Digicam-Control, then repeat the process. Am I correct?

What concerns me is that all the waypoints will be the exact same GPS location. Will this mess with anything? Will the Condition-Yaw actually do anything, because it will immediately (or almost immediately) be at the next waypoint waypoint. Won’t it stop yawing?

How can I ensure it will complete the yaw before taking the photo?


does your camera have a mode that will take a picture every x seconds?

It can be setup to do that, but that would mean taking a lot more photos than necessary (so more time post processing).

Is there no way to tell the APM to point to a specific direction?

What if I do a Do-Digicam-Control (to take the first photo) followed by Condition-Yaw followed by a Loiter_Time command (to rotate to the next position)?

Or what about using DO_SET_ROI instead of Condition-Yaw (moving the ROI in X degree steps around the copter)?

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Just a quastion in the same area:
Walkera has a funktion Walkera TALI H500 Roundly cruise flying on there new H500, but I like to make same fiture on x350 Pro !! go manualt to a cordination, activate the funktion and get cruise flying just there … is this posible with Mission Planner ?? I like to take a small video of our house …

Thanks in advance… :unamused:

Is support on this line ? Please

Can I in Mission Planner make a circle and save this without the gps position so when I activate this sequence it just start circle where it is ??

In MP, it looks like a mission can have more than one ROI.
Add multiple ROIs in sequence around your central waypoint. Insert a pause for each one if you need to get the rotation to stop.