Descending follwed by ascending bleep (MP3 attached)

My quadrocopter has a habit of its LED flashing yellow then green, then yellow then green, etc while playing this bleeping noise. Please could someone tell me what it is? Apologies for the clash with the uncalibrated servo beep which you can hear in the background as a monotone beep.yellow-green-led-beep.bin (66.3 KB)

Please rename the file .mp3 and then open in VLC. Thanks.

Maybe GPS 3D fix dropping in and out. Set LOG_DISARMED 1 and host the .bin log file on Dropbox or some similar file sharing service and post a link to the file.

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In my experience, this is the FC telling you your GPS fix is making a transition between inadequate fix quality and adequate fix quality (typically using HDOP as the measure). It could be caused, for example, by the GPS receiver being shadowed, or getting trashed by onboard transmitters.

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I will do the suggested things on my next flight and report back. Thanks.

No more issues as of yet but I have logging while disarmed enabled so will return if I see the issue again. Thanks.