Delayed trigger RC failsafe

Is there a way to delay the trigger for rc failsafe?
for example 5 seconds or so, then it trigger the failsafe.
I didn’t find anything about it

I don’t have the answer, but why would you want that?

It’s simple, my copter lost connection very quickly but got it immediately back within a second. But the copter already triggered failsafe.

I know this option from the px4 stack, witch make a lot of sense to me.

You could say, I should bettee fix my connection problem. I would say you’re right! But with this feature I could get closer to the problem!

I see. But this dangerous since a lot can happen in 5 seconds if your radio connection is actually lost. Probably why the delay is either not visible or not implemented.

Take a look at the full Parm list.

Or you could just disable fail safe if your just testing. This will let you continue troubleshooting.

I would have liked to see this option on AC3.2.

My friend’s tricopter can have a momentary signal drop, only tenth’s or even hundred’s of a second but enough to trigger the rc failsafe. A delay of maybe 1-2 second’s would solve this problem for him, though changing from a ****** Spektrum DX7 gen 2 would probably help as much. The fixed antenna is a really **** design and we’ve proved it’s orientation directly effect’s the range at which these signal drop’s happen.

Plane has short and long term failsafe’s, something similar for Copter (3.2 as he has an APM) would be nice.

No I need the failsafe! I would never switch it off if I 'm doing range tests. You’re right, 5 seconds is way too long but maybe 1-2 seconds this wouldn’t be dangerous!

If I remember well, some TX like Graupner has the option to set different time margins for the Failsafe to be switched ON but no idea about how much as we never touched it. So may be you need to search into the TX instead into the autopilot configuration.