Delay command not working properly

I am trying to use delay and do_change_speed commands in my flight paths to fly a time specific mission. However, I am having issues with both of these commands.

The delay command seems to always delay too long. If I command the drone to wait at a waypoint until a specific time (i.e. 12.00.00), it typically stays at that waypoint an extra minute or so (i.e. won’t continue to next waypoint until around 12.01.00) with this time never being an exact offset. Does anyone have any ideas what is happening?

Update: So I should have clarified earlier that all of my testing has been done with SITL thus far. I noticed when I ask for the time in the simulation it gives me two times from the autopilot. The second one is correct; the first is around 2 minutes slow. Does anyone know why this is?


Are you using SIM_SPEEDUP != 1?


The only things I changed on the simulator after I downloaded it was added a new home location.

Where can I find the SIM_SPEEDUP value to see if it has been changed?

It’s just another parameter.