Defective Herelink Air Unit? (No Video and possible overheating)

I purchased a Herelink system about a month ago from irlock. The system was working fine until recently. I was flying with my Go Pro when the video signal stopped mid flight. The telemetry and radio link were still working though. I returned home and investigated the problem. The Go Pro was tested on another monitor and work fine. I replaced the cable between the air unit and camera but it didn’t work. I tried both video 1 and 2 ports and neither work. I tried another video source and it didn’t work. I then noticed the Air Unit was getting rather hot. I have it regulated at 6VDC with a castle BEC. I tested the voltage to make sure. I don’t remember the Air Unit getting that hot before. Combining that with the no video (error 404 it says) i’m beginning to think there is something severely wrong with the unit. It worked flawlessly for several flights and then it didn’t. What can I do to get my Air Unit fixed?

I would post on this on under the Herelink category and hopefully you will get a reply.

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I’ve moved this to the Hex vendor category for you.