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Default storage location on IOS i-Pad mini

Hi everyone

Can anyone let me know the default storage location on the IOS version? If i do my flight planning on a desktop and send it to my iPad, where can i save the .plan file so that it opens in my iPad version for flying?

I am new to Apple, so not sure if certain folders on it are “hidden”?

Many thanks,

I think this is currently broken with the Stable version of QGC which is available and the latest version of iOS. Latest iOS added new support for a My Files app in which you should see a QGroundControl folder. Under that are the directories you can move file in/out of. But that broken some part of QGC. I’m hoping to post a new iOS QGC version soon which will have this fixed.

Fantastic thanks, this will really help my mission planning. Please let me know once you have a new version for download. Much appreciated.

Hi again

I have just read your request for feedback - (Feedback: Plan - Terrain Profile/Collision support #8698). I have tried to view the profile on my QGC version but it is limited to the short bars in the lower left screen corner. I have checked for updates (my current version is 4.0.8). Is this feature only available for beta testers or a select group?

Also, with regard to the iOS version, i have noticed that i am unable to set mission speed in survey mode from the mission start tab as i am in the Windows version. Is there a work around this while i wait for the new iOS release?

Thanks again in advance,


Terrain profile is only available in daily builds. The iOs version is an older Stable. It hasn’t been updated to the latest stable yet.

on iOS the only path developers can write on it is document folder of application you can access it from Files app or iTunes if developers was activated sharing of it

Understood. And that is how the latest iOS version works. They just aren’t available to the store yet.

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