Default P values for 3DR Aero seem excessively high

I was looking at the default parameters for the 3DR Aero that Mission Planner loads (3DR_Aero_RTF.param) and three parameters seem far too high.

RLL2SRV_P is set to 3.0. This exceeds the normal max limit of 2.0 for this variable.

RLL2SRV_D is set to 0.1. That’s at the very upper limit for D values in MP.

PTCH2SRV_P is set to 2.0. Again, that’s at the very upper limit of the range for that parameter.

Can these be possibly correct? The Skywalker is supposed to be a fairly easy to fly, docile airframe, and the other default parameters seem consistent with that. Or is my Mission Planner loading bad numbers?

These do seem a bit high, but the Skywalker does require lots of gain due to its very small ailerons and long tail.
I’m using a roll P of 2.1 and and a pitch P of 2.5.

On the ground these settings seem way to big. When I move the plane around with my hands I get full deflection of the control surfaces with relatively little movement of the plane. However in the air it works great. I always thought this was strange, it’s a SW thing I guess.

OK, that’s good to know. Those values seemed really out of whack. Is yours the traditional Skywalker or the 2013?

2013 1880 same as the aero

OK, thank you!