Deep stall landing

Hello all,

When I tested the deep stall landing on SITL, I realized that ‘plane-elevon’ and ‘plane-vtail’ frames fail to conduct the deep stall landing.

Does ArduPilot support the deep stall landing for the two frames?
You can reproduce the issue as following steps:

  1. ./Tools/autotest/ -v ArduPlane -f plane-elevon --speedup=4 --console -L Karuizawa -w
  2. param set EK2_ALT_SOURCE 2
    param set EK3_SRC1_POSZ 3
    param set TERRAIN_FOLLOW 10
    param set TERRAIN_ENABLE 1
    param set LAND_TYPE 1
  3. Load and run this mission

Plus, some of frames shows unstable roll and pitch control, or even cannot take off. This issue might be related to this topic.

  • quadplane-cl84: cannot takeoff / plane V4.0.3 works well.
  • firefly: cannot takeoff
  • plane-jet: still unstable roll and pitch
  • plane-tailsitter: cannot takeoff
  • quadplane-tilttri: still roll and pitch oscillations
  • quadplane-tilttrivec: still roll and pitch oscillations

Test version: ArduPlane V4.1.0beta7