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Dedicated Setup/Hardware Category of the Wiki


(Nathan E) #1

The wiki is scattered with numerous links to hardware and setups that cross-reference from copter, to plane, rover, and sub. I think it would be nice to add a setup and hardware main section to the wiki. The section would be used to tell how to do general hardware setup for ALL VEHICLES.

For example, the accelerometer calibration is not unique to copter or plane. Neither is telemetry/sik radio setup. Neither is AHRS orientation. There are numerous great features used on all vehicles that are buried deep within each vehicle’s wiki. Global parameters could be explained here, while parameters unique to vehicles would stay in each vehicle’s wiki. Same with tuning instructions.

This Setup/Hardware section could also be an area to list common hardware that can be used on all vehicles. Also not buried deep within setup sections of individual vehicle types (like copter).