Death spiral roll in acro

Hello. After unsuccessful loop in acro mode plane goes into death spiral roll. I tried to stop the rotation with the sticks. At some point, it stopped. But as soon as you let go of the sticks, it returned again.

Freewing F-35
Plane 4.2.1
Here full video. Crash in the end

Not understand why this happens.

I think the plane stalled. You can see a similar stall at ~1:38 in the video and in the logs. In each case the airspeed dropped to about 40km/h. With the high bank angles that might not be enough for that airframe. Acro mode is a rate control mode, so stall recovery can be difficult. As noted in the wiki it is best to switch to manual mode before attempting to recover.

Edit: At 1:38 the plane was in FBWA. That coupled with your stick inputs is likely why the stall was successfully recovered.

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Thank you. I came to about the same conclusions. But I wanted to hear a second opinion.

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Just curious, what did you use to generate the telemetry overlay on the video?

this is dashware overlay