Death flip to the left after hover. Happens every time

I will post more info tonight when I can, but this quad hovers for a bit the flips left every time.

Should I be able to pull logs or was there a setting to enable them first?

By default the logging is sparse but might be enough to try to understand what is happening here.

the parameter to enable better logging is


which you can change the value from the default value (830) to 655358.

more info here:

The best way to retrieve the log files is to remove the microSD card from the PixHawk, connect the card to a computer and read the BIN files.

Ok, here are the logs…

Not sure if those will help…

What I can see is some weird and large vibrations which must be handled. Also the FC is running at below 5V.

Any reason to have the first slot of Flight Mode set to 15?? On newer versions (can’t recall if it was also on3.2) it’s AutoTune.

The lack of Voltage and Current from the battery (no power module?) does not help. Also no RCOUT and RCIN

But for now, recheck the entire config of the FC, also power issues and possible causes for vibrations.

Looked like something in the power chain, not looked at the logs

I would disconnect the GPS since your not using it anyway and do a test flight.


Hi Flyer here, name is Ed. I had a similar problem on a S550 quad. I found I had a weak ESC and it
was due to a cold solder joint on one of the ESC’s. I fixed it and recalculated all and it worked fine. I was not
using GPS. After a Crash, Go back to the basics and recalculate. Save time and dollars.
Good Luck and Safe Flying

looks like brownout.
had similar problem using chinsee Power Module.
try disconnect + wires from PM and power ur apm from ESC bec on INPUT side (on PM side u have voltage drop due to diode)