Deadband between forward and reverse

I have a rover whose ESC drives the motor forward with a PWM signal from 1500us to 2000us. The ESC drives the motor backwards with a PWM signal of 1000us to 1500us.

I find the machine easier to handle when there is some deadband between forward and reverse. Without any deadband between forward and reverse the rover instantly jerks from forward to reverse and reverse to forward when I move the throttle stick near the center.

Is there a way to set forward and reverse to something like:

Forward, 1600us to 2000us
Reverse, 1000us to 1400us

This would give 200us of deadband between forward and reverse.



That sounds like a transmitter mixing issue more than an ArduPilot feature request.

Ok, if the throttle channel passes through the flight controller, then I am good.

For modes that are not guided/auto, yes, it does.