DCM bad heading - impossible to solve

DCM bad heading keep poping up and dont let the hexa lift.

we have done the recommendations found on the foruns:

  • Disconnected the internal compass (we are able to confirm that through gyro and mag status tab readings)
  • moved the compass and the gps, far away from the board.
  • Executed the compass mot, its now around 20% or less.
  • Vibration in between the maximum values recommended.

i have no clue on what to try next.

automatic log review gives me a warning:
WARN - Motor channel averages = [1223, 1321, 1196, 1345, 1286, 1264]
Average motor output = 1272
Difference between min and max motor averages = 149
but according to other posts i should not worry to much about this

what should i try next? any clues?
attached the log file

2018-01-12 14-17-31.bin (211.9 KB)

Somebody can help me, please???