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DC Air Valve to control with Pixhawk

Has anyone come across a cost effective DC Air Valve that I can control with PixHawk FC. I can handle 3.3V AUX out to convert it to 12VDC or whatever voltage the valve may require to turn it on.

My application is as follows:

  1. I have one air pump that uses a very low pressure of PSI 0.02MP to 0.25MP. So it’s a very low pressure pump.

  2. I would preferably want one valve that would has one input and 3 or 4 outputs.

So, at any given time. I will be just turning on one value to redirect the air.

The possible solutions I know are;

  1. Use like 3 x single valve shown below and use tubes to connect them.


Cumbersome, need external tubes etc. not a clean solution.

Any other ideas?


Maybe something like an air retract valve


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