DataLogging Question


I am trying to understand how the roll,pitch and yaw data is logged by the APM. I did a test in of a manuever yesterday and in Mission Planner, the degree output is fine in the visual representation, but in the logging the numbers are no where close to what they should be. Here is an example of the log data:

2015-03-16T16:59:32.990 FE 1C 6C 1 1 1E mavlink_attitude_t time_boot_ms 37831 roll 0.04134603 pitch 0.7839577 yaw 0.2527054 rollspeed 0.02596558 pitchspeed -0.002484936 yawspeed -0.000932548 Len 36

Graphically, the data is correct (see attached .jpeg). Does anyone understand how the APM logs the degree information? I have read that it is logged in centi-degrees, but even still that does not correspond to the data seen above.

Thank you for your help.

the log data is in radians, mp converts to degrees