Dataflash: stuck thread (write)?

Not sure if this is a software or a hardware issue, but my pixhawk 1 running arduplane 3.9.5 gave the above error, and now it won’t arm, saying only “logging failed”.
The threading in arduplane is a subject way over my pay grade. Need help. How can I clear this issue? Use reset button?(s)?
Formatted card, replaced card, no luck.

a fix to allow your to arm is to disable the logging arming check in the bitmask. You maybe able to fix the issue complexly by changing the new BRD_SD_SLOWDOWN parameter so it attempts to write at a slower speed.

Thanks, Pete.
I’m going to trade out the memchip, push the restart button(s) while powered on, and the BRD_SD_SLOWDOWN as a last resort Need those logs) and then–they are paving the road in front of the boat, and perhaps the guy driving the roller would be willing to customize this pix into a lowrider style.:laughing: