Dataflash power (CURRENT) data seems to be missing

I activated Dataflash logging on my Journey, and am getting lots of files (it seems to write starting at power on each time, not only after the first arming). The data that’s present looks reasonable, but I’m not seeing ANY voltage/current data being logged at all – which of course is important information. The CURRENT logging parameter, which should cover this data, is enabled. I would have expected at least voltage data to be showing up. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks!

I’m sure there is no current logging on the Journey. There isn’t on the 2450GPS. However battery voltage is logged if it’s enabled to do so. Again on the 2450GPS but I would think its the same on the Journey.

I think I see the problem. It appears that voltage was originally called CURR.volt, but was changed to BAT.volt. Various analysis routines don’t know about this change, apparently.

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@TT300 Good spotting, I can confirm that also on my device only that parameter works. I was assuming the BAT parameter would also have all of the other fields such as the CURRENT parameter on Ardupilot’s web site, but I was wrong. I can access BAT.Curr and BAT.CurrTot, while the other fields all throw an error in MAVExplorer. Still, both BAT.Curr and BAT.CurrTot both show 0 even though voltage and current sensing hardware were used.

Can you confirm having the same problem, or are you able to observe non-zero values for both BAT.Volt and BAT.Cur?

There is no current sensing on the craft Vbatt only.

@dkemxr Do you happen to have a specific documentation file or source code file in mind to support it?


No, but I don’t believe there is a current sensor on any Skyviper craft so its not available via telemetry. I certainly have seen no evidense suggesting there is. If it did exist one would think a failsafe setting would be available for it. There isn’t.

This confirms that Dave is correct.