Dataflash logs - review flight attitudes

APM newbie question.

I have installed an APM 2.5 without telemetry as the model is too small to house the extra equipment.
As a result, I do not have the rlog and tlog files to review (replay) the flight attitude via MP

Is there a way to do the same via the dataflash logs. The Google Earth flight path is inadequate for my preferences.

@SGMA pilot,
Here is how to select and view the APM dataflash logs: … n-planner/
TCIII Developer

Thanks TCIII

However, sorry to say we are not on the same wavelength. It maybe that what I am after is not yet possible.

I was hoping to be able to review the DataFlash logs in much the same way as the tlogs - in that - review the flight attitude, GPS, Speed etc via the HUD, as a time elapsed replay from start to end.

SGMA Pilot

I have the same dream SGMA. We would need a flash to TLog converter. In order to replay flash data in Mission Planner. I don’t know if the flash storage have all the data needed for a Tlog…

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