Dataflash Logs list do not appear with Mono

It is a while that when using MP with Mono in Linux Mint 18.3 the dataflash list with .bin files is not showed.

I’m not an expert of Mono , just install full development package, all the fonts and suggested updates , so I really do not know how to solve changing Mono setup.

But MP “convert .bin to Log” tab shows the .bin file list correctly.

The difference I notice is that with convert .bin tab file type is “binary Log”

while “review a log tab” file type is “log Files”


Mission planner is developed on buggy and undocumented .net platform. ( That is, for anyone else than Microsoft… The functions are not properly and completely documented, so it’s hard to make mono run that mess)
Use Apmplanner2 for analysis, it’s way better, faster, and functional for analysis anyway.

Andre-K , I use both but Mission Planner has a very useful analysis function that is missing in Apmplanner2, the GPS map with vehicle tracks.

I found a workaround, just change the extension of the file from .BIN to .bin :slight_smile:

Next problem is that I cannot resize the window with the map or the one with the graph

UPDATE : to resize the windows of graph, map or data of Log Browser , I found out that even if the mouse cursor do not change shape moving around the edge of the window it is possible to do it clicking and holding down with right button the mouse cursor near the edge and drag the window.